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if the sky falls is it an accident or an appointment with destiny?



I’m guessing there was another climber above this chap that created that errant chunk of ice.

otherwise, what are the odds of something that size being sent by providence to find the noggin of a lone climber on a mountain in some far-flung land amidst a tiny speck in God’s eye?

is that a mote in God’s eye?

this scenario begs one of my questions that makes people gnash their teeth and shake fists with impotent fury:

was this an accident or an appointment with destiny?

I was taught to use safety lines while climbing. on the other hand, I am a free climber.

the fellow lived to tell he tale, and record it all, no less. obviously it could have needed worse, possibly tragically.

he could have been hit by an asteroid!


Asteroid near miss in early 2013

Read story, here: Asteroid near miss in early 2013

Good news: Most insurance policies cover asteroids

…now I need to go do some research and determine what the difference is between an asteroid and a meteor.

today I’m listening to Like a Stone by Audioslave.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

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On behalf of Brian Patrick Cork and the Cork family, we appreciate all of the love and support stemming from Brian Cork’s automobile accident.

The accident occurred across the street from their estate off Freemanville Road in Milton. He was hit on the drivers side. This is described as a “T-Bone”. His (and Rowdy’s) beloved Ford F-150 was totalled. Brian’s wife Joanne heard the collision from atop the hill and was at the season in moments. Brian had to be cut from the wreckage by the Milton Fire Department (the rumors are true, he was debating with the firemen as to whether the zip code should be Alpharetta or Milton) but was delivered to North Fulton Hospital alert from whence he has now been discharged. It’s also true that en route to the hospital Brian did offer to insert the intravenous needle himself to prove he was once an Volunteer EMT and Fireman himself.

Yes, Brian will be blogging about all of this.

Belinda Sue Dobson, Personal Assistant to Brian Patrick Cork

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