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you get what you vote for


I’ve been tracking government decision-making. I’m never satisfied with how people of authority come to conclusions and then take action that directly affects my standard of living, and ability to wage best practices in business.

Oh really?

Allow me to form an example:

A key difference between experts in the private sector, and experts in the government sector, is that government experts have monopoly-like power (authority), ultimately backed by force (also known as implied threat).

The power of government experts is concentrated and unchecked. Or, at best, checked very poorly (if you disagree, you can come over, here, and fight me). On the other hand, the power of experts in the private sector is constrained by competition, and checked by choice. Private organizations have to satisfy the needs of their constituents (I use that particular word because of it’s relevance to members of the House and Senate for corollary consideration) in order to survive. Ultimately, private experts have to respect the dignity, if not best interests, of the individual, because the individual has the freedom to ignore the expert. It’s supposed to work this way with Congressmen and Senators, but they focus more on staying in power. So, this means they enforce the government authority. This is an obvious conflict.

Just so we’re clear… Barack Obama has filled his administration with “experts” and academics. But what about the private sector where real-world subject matter expertise is formed? Just look at his cabinet: only eight percent (8%) of Obama’s current cabinet represents people with private sector experience. All the rest are professional government hacks (as in hacking the Constitution, and Jefferson’s best hopes). Of course, we should consider Obama’s own professional resume. Our Commander and Chief’s “Bible” is apparently the book: Rules for Radicals by Saul D. Alinsky (read it. do it now!); his “work” experience was being a social-worker, and then a Senator; and, his greatest aspiration might well be to realize his father’s (A Harvard educated Luo Tribesman from Kenya with a Muslim up-bringing) political vision (think along anti-colonialism).

Read a lot more than you bargained for in my next Blog post.

Meanwhile… I might discuss this briefly – maybe soon. I’m thinking about it… But, with six weeks to go before vital elections, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) (government experts, mind you) have declared that the recession is over! And, they back-dated the news for June just to make it look like it’s not all staged (well geez Brian, if it’s in writing, it must be true [middle-class American]). Don’t let Obama and his Democrat mob fool you with that one – please.

You’ve asked me to consider running for Governor. I’m thinking about that too.

You get what you pay for in life. And, ironically, I have an uneasy feeling a lot us us are going to pay out the #@% if this tomfoolery isn’t managed.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


it just gets worse


I starting offering my views and opinons around a certain pistol packin pastor just yesterday.

I can’t condone the burning of any book (or, “Word Windows” as we’ve often referred to them since Haley Anne was four years old).

In any event, this story just gets worse.

In Pakistan, about 200 lawyers and civil society members marched and burned a U.S. flag in the central Pakistani city of Multan, demanding that Washington halt the burning of the Muslim holy book.

So… They burned a, if not the, symbol of our country to some how make a point that we should not burn their holy book.

It’s bad enough that this celebrity-seeking-pentacostal-point-pounding-pistol-packin-preacher /1 is willfully stirring the pot and maliciously putting people in harms way. He has scienter, no less. But, now we have the FBI visiting his Gainesville-based church. Although we don’t know what’s being said, there, we can suspect the picadell0-postulating-preacher is being warned. So, this means our own government is getting “heavy” and possibly impeding an element of our own Constitution that’s related to Free Speech.

What? There’s more?

To be sure. Just read on. Do it now!

Gainesville police will already be dealing with some ninety thousand (90,000) football fans Saturday, as the book (that shall not be named, but is often misspelled as Koran) and even more tailgaters for the Florida-South Florida game.

Gainesville Mayor Craig Lowe has publicly condemned the church’s plans and asked residents to watch for “suspicious behavior” (apprently other than pastors packin heat and FBI agents crawlin’ about asking questions of “persons of interest”). At least one counter-protest was planned by a University of Florida student group.

So… Now you’ll have people in, or from trailers, getting involved.

City officials were increasing security, but wouldn’t go into detail about how many extra officers will be used, saying only that they were coordinating with other cities and “tallying expenses”.

“We are sending a bill for services to the Dove World Outreach Center. We’re tracking our costs,” said city spokesman Bob Woods. “I’m sure the cost will be substantial.”

isn’t that, well…. like a threat?

I mean, despite the fact that the Florida football game might be affected, does anyone see an ugly pattern here?

I’ll offer a hint: The terrorists are winning again because we are being as ugly as they are.

Allow me to be clear… I’d feel justified if we sent in a Special Ops team to take-out those protestors that burned our flag. But, otherwise, this pastor is an example of distorted material values, our own constitutionally-formed government feels so powerless that we need to use intimidation instead of mediation, a real important football game is pulled from the lime-light, and city officials are threatening punitive measures if a lone citizen refuses to bow to an uncertain civil rule or opinion.

Thomas Jefferson must be spinning so fast in his grave the earth may well depart from it’s axis.

Isn’t that what the Talibahn does while, ironically, pointing to the the Qu’ran for interpretation and  justification?

It blows my mind that we end up making this lunatic preacher who should be standing on a New York cross-street look like he could be right, after all.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

1/ Understanding what being Pentacostal means might help explain naught a few things.


the terrorist amongst us


I saw the following excerpt in some British rag awhile back and I tucked it away for a future post:

“Richard Whittam, prosecuting, described how Mr. Ali was watched speaking in ‘hushed tones in a foreign language’ on taking a mobile phone call, was likely a terrorist and up to foul play, possibly planning an attack to be detailed later.”

I’ll suppose that day has arrived. And, a stage is set, possibly even for a point to be made. But, you have to read on. Do it!

In some ways the non-referenced terrorists, or terrorists in general, possibly real terrorists, have become quite successful, as crappy obvious terrorists might go.

The prosecution obviously wanted to make Mr Ali’s behaviour seem sinister. But I don’t think I’ll be alone in saying that in fact, he should be commended. So few people speak quietly on their cellular telephones these days that anybody who shows this level of consideration to others ought to be given a commendation.

In fact, if everyone was a terrorist, going out in public might be slightly less annoying than it currently is.

We’d never again have to listen to people yelling “I’m on the bus” (although that could well be a Christian terrorist quoting that, not necessarily, Christian Mr. Jim Collins, that so many of them mistakenly claim). Seriously, you never hear terrorists announcing: ” Hellooo… I’m preparing to blow up the bus”.

And teenagers wouldn’t be playing music on their phones, because isn’t music forbidden to (Muslim) terrorists – along with anything else that might make them think life was worth living?

Of course, I suppose that if everybody was a terrorist we may have to put up with far more bombings than we’re used to. It’s “swings and roundabouts” (as my British father-in-law might say), like so many of today’s issues.

And, how are we defining “terrorists” today? Wikipedia, naturally, has a quite thorough description of what a terrorist, might be, or could be, or should be. You can review all of that yourself right here. As for me, I see terrorists everywhere. And, I can’t yet determine if the Talibahn somehow anticipated this, or just dumb-lucked into it.

But, since 9/11 we stand for a long time in lines at air ports. And, we’ve spent a lot of money that might or might not be justified, fighting people we don’t really know, in places we can never understand. We question some people and things too much, and many other things not enough. Bullies have risen to power, or abuse power

All that said, I think we’re literally surrounded by terrorists.

The aforementioned prosecutor, Mr. Whittam is a terrorist. What you don’t know about the above quote was that the hapless Mr. Ali was only attempting to explain the purpose of a recent credit card expenditure to his wife while trying to be courteous to other people in a cafe. That now sinister Mr. Whittam appears to have twisted or omitted certain facts to paint a picture that suited his own nefarious purposes to make a case. This means he abused the law. That is also mentioned as a form of terrorism in Wikipedia. So, he’s a cultural and literal terrorist because he took a deliberate  step to create fear and uncertainty – and, the literal definition of “Terror” comes from a Latin word meaning “to frighten” (that’s likely in Wikipedia too. But, I can’t say with certainty because I’ve failed to read the entire dissertation).

The guy that did my landscaping is also a terrorist. One of my Brothers-in-Law says the same thing about my Mother-in-Law. Members of Congress that are going to try and force a watered down healthcare bill (you can read more about that in one of my earlier posts: healthcare is not for You) down your throat while exempting themselves from it, could be deemed terrorists.

There is, of course, some irony amongst all this as the word judgment comes to mind. But, we can address that point another time.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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