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the ghosts of 9/11 are Ready


ghosts exist.

I don’t know if some of them are on another plain… but, they certainly haunt our minds and hearts – especially on the anniversary of 9/11.

but, those ghosts don’t have to be evil. they won’t or can’t always hurt us. in fact, most can exist to remind us to be ready and ever vigilant. to be better and stronger.

…possibly to be, ironically, grateful.

a great country like our own won’t be taken down by external forces. we can only be truly weakened from within through complacency and moral decay.

over the next week or so, leading to Sunday (the ten year anniversary) and later, I’ll be thinking, watching and remembering.

Updated: Saturday 09/10/11…

I’m listening to Disappear by The Gabe Dixon Band. It’s suits this post, I think. You’ve probably not heard of this crew. but, you should. I don’t think they should remind you of Jackson Brown, although they just might. I don’t feel like Running On Empty.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


Brian Cork: Seven Years Ago


I am still thinking about 9/11 today – even as my neighbors are resolutely getting past it.

I heard the words first spoken by Keith Sciulli:

“Hey, did you hear, a plane hit the World Trade Center.”

We walked together over to Rudy’s office to watch CNN.

Interestingly, in the days leading up to “the attack” /1,  I had been indulging myself with a running debate with Sam over “Contention and Conflict in Modernity.”

As the magnitude of what had happened – and, what was happening still, became clear, I went home – just in case I got “the call”.

I stopped at the Hwy 9/ Mansell Starbucks for an Ice Vente Chai.  I saw a few other pals there – Bill, Michael and Peter –  and, of course, talk went right to “the attack”.  Bill wanted the U.S. to go blow things up; Peter wanted us to respond “systematically and carefully.”

NOTE: It wasn’t yet clear that this was a foreign attack, and Michael noted that our last actual act of domestic terrorism was the product of a far-right militia (Oklahoma City).

It remains interesting to me that 9/11 is marked by time, whereas Oklahoma City is marked by place.

To be sure, the dreadful attacks of 9/11 did change history and American, as well as the world, culture and politics.  But they did so because of the discursive growth they produced.  As Foucault teaches us, discourse grows up around wounds in the same way scar tissue does, and in this case we’ve experienced an autoimmune disorder. The scar is now the bigger problem, and honoring the original wound should mean reinvigorating a commitment to democracy, human rights, freedom… All the things it hasn’t meant in the last seven years.

I made an extra donation to the Library of Congress this morning in honor of the thousands who died on 9/11/01, and the unspeakable torture, death, and waste that the authoritarian reaction has brought.

Ironically, Big Brother looms ever nearer and more ominous thanks to terrorists – or, George Bush – possibly their most unwitting foil.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ Just say the words: “The Attacks”, and people will always know what you mean.  It’s now part of our national psychosis.


Watching Hilary (okay… and, Bill) Clinton


Watching Rudy Giulani, I get the sense that he (like G.W. Bush) represents and reflects 09/11.

I believe if Rudy Giulani is elected our next President we get four more years of alienating the rest of the world. For the moment, we are treating everyone, and every thing, like they are Al Qaeda.

We are stuck in a frenzied reactive 09/11 mode.

Watching Hilary Clinton, I am hopeful that if she is elected, we will have the people in place (Hilary and Bill) who will unite us around a common purpose; not a common enemy. They represent 09/12.

We need to be about 09/12; the 4th of July; a standard of excellence with doors flung wide welcoming innovation; and, a beacon of shining hope for the rest of the world.

If we reflect and represent our Founding Fathers (who in turn would have us reflect “Him”) every day, we inspire everyone around us.

I know Hilary can’t save the world. But, she will improve Health Care and the country’s flagging infrastructure.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


Bush and Giuliani


For a short list of reasons, Rudy Giuliani might be uniquely qualified to pick up the Republican party mantle as George W. Bush’s successor.

If elected, Giuliani would inherit the duties Bush is best qualified for.  This includes making grim facial expressions, seeing the world’s conflicts in terms of good vs. evil, and carrying a bullhorn at all state functions.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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