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you’ll never change your life until you change your choices


I ask people, and daily: “what do you want to do?”

In part, mind you because you’ll never change your life until you change your choices.

The context is my role as a cultural architect or coach, in one form or another. Having Arrived on this planet in the same year as La Dolce Vida, Spartacus, Elmer Gantry and The Magnificent Seven, my days are spent contemplating the world and its inhabitants – usually from a philosophical interest that lies in formal logic and formal approaches to philosophy; foundational questions in the philosophy of mathematics; and, the philosophy of mind and perception.

Living an authentic life, if you will, with logic and the classics, as a lens.

But, the objective is to make them, not necessarily that collective, “they”, start thinking – deeper than might be typical, for most people.

NOTE: I decidedly don’t maintain an interest in Taoist thought.

However, most conversations will evolve towards: “what we want”. And, what we should do.

Many times this is contrary to instincts. That is fascinating, to me, anyway.

Along the way, I think I’ve decided, for now, that before you can sort out what you want, you might first, need to figure out what you don’t want.

Can making such decisions be akin to eating a banana?

For example, what I don’t want is to ever, be described, relative to my own work, as: “Ballardian”.

That’s not a race out of Star Trek, mind you. It’s a reference to an actual person – and, one of reasonable merit, I should add.

The literary distinctiveness of J. G. Ballard’s work has given rise to the adjective “Ballardian,” defined by the Collins English Dictionary as: “resembling or suggestive of the conditions described in J. G. Ballard’s novels and stories, especially dystopian modernity, bleak man-made landscapes and the psychological effects of technological, social or environmental developments.”

Let’s keep moving, shall we.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork



I was born in in 1960.

This might explain a few things.

But, here are some other – possibly more important events that forever changed the world:

World Events

U.S. Events


  • US GDP (1998 dollars): $526.6 billion
  • Federal spending: $92.19 billion
  • Federal debt: $290.5 billion
  • Consumer Price Index: 29.6
  • Unemployment: 5.5%
  • Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.04Go ahead and contact me.


  • World Series Pittsburgh d. NY Yankees (4-3)
  • NBA Championship Boston d. St. Louis Hawks (4-3)
  • Stanley Cup Montreal d. Toronto (4-0)
  • Wimbledon Women: Maria Bueno d. S. Reynolds (8-6 6-0); Men: Neale Fraser d. R. Laver (6-4 3-6 9-7 7-5)
  • Kentucky Derby Champion Venetian Way
  • NCAA Basketball Championship Ohio St. d. California (75-55)
  • NCAA Football Champions Minnesota (AP, UPI, NFF) (8-2-0) & Mississippi (FW) (10-0-1)
  • This was, of course an Olympic year as well.


  • Seventy million people watch the presidential debate between Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon.
  • John Coltrane forms his own quartet and becomes the voice of jazz’s New Wave movement.
  • Ninety percent of U.S. homes have a television set.
  • Alfred Hitchcock’s Psychoterrifies movie-goers and becomes one of the year’s most successful films, as well as one of the most memorable psychological thrillers.




A Challenge:

Tell me what year you were born, and I will come up with a similar list.

My “Brilliant Feat” by Colin Hay.


Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

What’s All This About?

"What am I looking at?", you might wonder.

Lots of stuff.

Meanwhile, here, I discuss events, people and things in our world - and, my (hardly simplistic, albeit inarticulate) views around them.

You'll also learn things about, well, things, like people you need to know about, and information about companies you can't find anywhere else.

So, while I harangue the public in my not so gentle way, you will discover that I am fascinated by all things arcane, curious about those whom appear religious, love music, dabble in politics, loathe the media, value education, still think I am an athlete, and might offer a recipe.

All the while, striving mightily, and daily, to remain a prudent and optimistic gentleman - and, authentic.

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