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Social Networking is like a Sexual Orgy



I’m fairly confident that “social networking” and “social marketing” will ultimately find credibility in our lives, and hopefully in my life-time. I do believe the cloud (all great things begin heavenward, do they not?) will host our greatest Thought Leadership. however, behind all great Thought Leadership we need subject-matter-expertise – informed decision making – to sustain and execute it.

that said, I’m reasonably convinced that my choice of wording for the subject heading of this post will raise eye-brows, significantly.

I have issues, to be certain. a genuine bug up my butt, if you will, when it comes to social networking, for example.

just like an orgy, social networking is (currently) shallow. we don’t really know much about the people with whom we are connecting to.  yet, we are investing a great deal of ourselves in them, and generally making big decisions. or, we aren’t making enough of an investment in that crowd and making decisions and taking actions based on shallow information and thinking. I had a fifty-seven year old Coaching client inform me yesterday that he has a Linkedin profile because of peer pressure. I asked him if he was fifteen. then it occurred to me that his situational awareness around all of this is like that of a fifteen year old facing a Board of Directors (read, Where do you fit in today’s Business?, for perspective)

run with me, here. what about informed decision-making? What are we consenting to?

its juxtapositional, by definition. and, that means its either good or bad with a paradigm at stake.

but, it’s all about awareness.

that’s my role in your lives. that’s me being the Heterodox (it’s been awhile since I’ve used that term), and a Jeffersonian Heterodox, at that. I value the story, possibly the tradition, but I question everything relentlessly until I come to my irrefutable conclusion. today, the social platform is a long ways off from being the solution – just like empty sex is certainly no way solve our human needs. we need meaningful connectivity to thrive, make better decisions, be healthy, and to be part of the Solution.

Food for thought… If DATA is the new oil, what if we are the refinery? now what?

perhaps a great example of this is “crowd funding”. this is a direct result of the crowd sourcing efforts spawned by the advent of social networking and mobile technology. we want it all to work; to make life simpler, if not easy.


is Kickstarter and crowd funding illegal?


Using Kickstarter to payoff your mortgage!

ponder this…

statistically (and, I’m referencing work we’ve done through and – with our endless polling and research), if you are a decision-maker under thirty six you are entering your power-band years towards influence. and, you are, or want to, make quick decisions on mobile devices based on quick bursts of shallow DATA and information often garnered through some form of mass hysteria, crowd sourced, motley crowds, rabble group thinking (i.e. google+1, Linkedin, Facebook, etc). hey… is there a correlation in that that Facebook  is attached somehow seventy-two percent (72%) of all divorces, yet Linkedin does not have a “divorced” box you can check or form a group around?

people that want to skirt certain rules and regulations and/ or don’t meet qualified investor standards are using this process to side-step accountability and then responsibility. people funding Kickstarter projects for example might as well hand their money to strangers in bathroom at night clubs.

good may come, yet. just be responsible. think. think.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork



I’m for transparency if the government is


cashBill Gates Hates Cash. Here’s Why

why electronic transactions are superior to cash for the world’s poor and…

Brian Patrick Cork: this article has been in the back of my head for awhile. for people like Bill Gates that are actually “outside” the system of most mortals, it might make sense. in any event, there are the “unbanked”, and also the “uncredited”. both might find electronic transactions helpful along with programs like the latter, in particular, can help people buy homes. that said, why would most people find “transparency” and “Financial Inclusion” useful unless “Security” meant Laissez Faire?

so… if we take this line-of-thinking, should transparency go both ways between a people and it’s government, or a government and it’s people? by the way… I do think there is a difference depending on how you say it.

consider this Beth Nockeck video on TED:

How can our data strengthen our democracies? In her work, Beth Noveck explores what “opengov” really means–not just freeing data from databases, but creating meaningful ways for citizens to collaborate with their governments.

is is evolution, or revolution?

I’m thinking Thomas Jefferson would have held Ms. Noveck in favorable light.

I’ll leave it at that, for now. 

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

arbiter of a Harsh Reality


am I the arbiter of a harsh reality?

has anyone else, out there, begun to draw a correlation between Barack Obama and someone else like, well, Fidel Castro?

this is one of the mixed blessings of being culturally, historically, and socially aware (the “Cultural Architect”, thing, eh).

don’t take my word for it, do your own research. pull-off some conclusions. and, don’t think I enjoy dredging this stuff up. I want Obama to be a leader under the vision of my personal hero, Thomas Jefferson, and his own checks-and-balance buddy, John Adams.

seriously… what the hell did Obama do while he attended Harvard?

if there is actually a degree in Social Work, maybe there shouldn’t be.

recently, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez praised Barack Obama for making both him and Fidel Castro look conservative by comparison. Chávez enthusiastically called Barack, “Comrade Obama!”  as a point of reminder, Hugo’s affectionate approval was based on Obama “nationalizing … General Motors.”  in fact, Hugo even gave a shout-out to Castro about Barack, saying,

“Fidel, careful, or we are going to end up to his right.”

Tea Party Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, who is something of a rascal, is (was?) top of the Vice President list for 2012, in part because he knows how to dogwhistle to far-right Republicans.

in early July, Rubio responded to a Obama’s press conference statement that tax increases on the rich must be part of resolving the latest hostage situation by subliminally comparing Obama to Fidel Castro – the ultimate boogeyman for “far-right” Cuban-Americans like Rubio.

Here’s what Rubio told a no-name at National Review:

“Quite frankly, I am both disappointed for our country and shocked at some of the rhetoric. It was rhetoric, I thought, that was more appropriate for some left-wing strong man than for the president of the United States.”

look… when a Cuban-American conservative Republican from Florida says “some left-wing strongman,” he means Castro, eh.

but, getting back to Chavez, just to cement a point, here, I want you to, collectively, (when I write in this style, does it make you think of William Shatner playing James T. Kirk?) remember that the Venezuelan dictator successfully followed castor’s lead by abolishing term limits and shut down independent media outlets, two potential techniques for Obama to consider prior to the next few election cycles.

insiders will remind us all that during early negotiations over the debt ceiling with Republican leaders Obama threw a series of hissy fits and stormed out of chambers.

more and more often, the Obamacratic Democratic media are only offering us half-truths. we get small chunks of information that are misleading, at best. for example, Obama was telling the ignorant and elderly (sixty five percent of our nations population) that Republicans want to pillage the elderly and make slaves of everyone in Kentucky (I made that last part up, kind of. but, it actually makes sense). then within twenty four hours of the House then the Senate passing legislation that brought us back from the economic abyss, the media THEN lets us know that the economy is stalling. but, they won’t tell you that the new plan pushes much of the needed cuts in rampant government spending way past meaningful election cycles. and, that we could be stuck with a tyrannical bully who controls the media driving a socialist-oriented doctrine.

so… tell me I am wrong. why should we not be comparing Obama to Castro? sure… it’s an extreme view today. but, what about tomorrow? if Barack Obama thinks he is someone like Franklin Delano Roosevelt (he equates his thinking around “change” to a New “Deal”, right?), then at what point does he drink enough of his own koolaide to believe Dictatorship is acceptable? you can eat anything as long as it comes in small pieces. but, it can still kill you. and, it’s what you don’t see that can kill you first.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork















bad examples in the House


the story, with it’s perspective, is storming the internet with the House under siege, and the Senate soon, but not fast enough, to follow:


Apple is now more liquid than the United States government, the Financial Post reports.

you needn’t take my word for it, point your browser, here:

for the record, the hearty and ferocious Chip Brackley, it was, that first to alert me. and, my immediate response favored only the bold:

best practices as opposed to chimpanzees with shot-guns. so, here’s a thought… what if wanna-be Members of the House and Senate were required to pass a qualifying test, and sign an IOU or personal guarantee before they could take office?

WARNING, pointed visual effect:


the video above may be contrived. but, you likely get the point (about chimpanzees with guns, anyway). maybe we need to start discussing Laws of Natural selection on this blog agains seeing as how many Members of the House and Senate read it.

meanwhile, Chip’s quick witted response held greater promise:

“I am ALL for it.  A little accountability would be nice.  How about they get on our healthcare plan as well? We need the 2011 version of Ben Franklin and your boy Thomas Jefferson to step on the scene.”

there… this chapter in history, as I see it, is in the hands of posterity. and, with it you’ll not be able to lose the image of the chimpanzees with shot-guns, will you?

…will you?

keep it in mind come the next round of elections.

meanwhile, and certainly not soon enough as well, look for my argument why you might consider margining your Apple stock (did you start buying in in 2001 when it was at $15 a share like I TOLD you to – and, have been since?), and shorting Google. don’t let me forget, seriously.

Chip will likely remind me. he’s a good man.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork  

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