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The clearest-minded shall be favoured with a case of Modelo Especial.

Update: So far, just under fifty percent (50%) of you say I am best suited for race car driving, and another fifty percent (50%) appear to think I don’t have many awkward moments.

So, I will simply drink the Modelo myself, and, with great satisfaction, toast my global amigos!

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork



So… My friend Aaron Masih (a rascal and smack-daddy evangelist) offered the following comment on my recent post career Evolution or revolution:

“white guys can’t rap.  And you’re not fat enough.  Plus, I’m not sure how good the Cayman would look with spinners.

Enough stereotypes?”

My carefully considered response:

Don’t need no spinners…

Not like them sinners…

Don’t gotta be FAT…

Just don’t need none o’ that!

Just look at my Cayman…

I say hey Man!

Okay… MAYBE you are right.


It took me all of 30 seconds to come up with that inspiring tune that could very well find itself utilized in the next Fast and Furious movie.

In any event, let’s throw caution to the wind and get this Monday started off with some mild controversy – and, possibly advance my carer-path based on a simple poll, shall we?

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

brian's new Buddy!


Many of you read my post: Sammy: The best argument I ever knew for Dogs in Heaven.

That story has now been viewed over one million (1,000,000) times. And, it has apparently circled the globe repeatedly having been passed from one dog-friend enthusiast to another via email.

Thanks for that.


We went and visited CeCe and her people (Dave and Kelly) yesterday.  CeCe is a four year old Rhodesian Ridgeback that is expected to give birth to six little mighty champions February 14th (perfect).

rhodesian ridgeback puppies 4monthsI get a new “buddy”!

This picture is of a Ridgeback puppy at four months.

At about two yeas, he can start running with me.

You need to know there is significant debate around the naming of this particular Ridgeback.

Thoughts and suggestions include, but are not linited to: Achilles, Artemis (my favorite /1), Dude, Mondo, “Mr. Tinkles” (a delicious absurdity. Haley Anne has mused: “how could you EVER get mad at a large dog named Mr. Tinkles?”), Ranger, Telemachus (from Homer’s Odyssey /2) and, ZimBob.

So, lets fire up a poll…

Brian’s Ridgeback should be named:

Feel free to comment with additional suggestions.  The winner gets a cases of Modelo Especial.

By the way…  I probably need a truck now (and, it will come in handy for soccer any way).  So, more about that later.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork



1/ Artemis was King Leonidas’ loyal captain and friend in the movie The 300. Not historically accurate.  But, cool nonetheless.

2/ Telemachus (also transliterated as Telemachos or Telémakhos; literally, “far-away fighter”) is a figure in Greek mythology, the son of Odysseus and Penelope, and a central character in Homer‘s Odyssey. The first four books in particular focus on Telemachus’s journeys in search of news about his father; they are, therefore, traditionally accorded the collective title the Telemachy.

rules a view?


window-in-venice-by-brian-corkI did promise to offer up select examples of doors, windows and portals (mostly on Mondays  – unless I forget).

While running, cycling or driving, I often ponder what may be happening behind all those many doors and windows.

Brian Patrick Cork

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