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no one can say Obama does not lead by example. his Selfie reflects a Dangerous Obsession with External Recognition



I made a big deal about obsession with external recognition. Ironically I did so using platforms like my blogs, Linkedin and Twitter. So, now I am receiving good-natured ribbing for it. Today I must ask myself, “am I part of the problem, or part of the solution”.

I can’t say what Thomas Jefferson would posit about Barack Obama. Jefferson was one of the architects of our Constitution and the framework of an administrative system that can evolve to suit the needs of our people under almost any circumstance, provided the engineers of change are not motivated by self interest.

…well… that’s wrong isn’t it?  members of the House and Senate appear to be more focused on re-election and maintaining platinum benefits for themselves while US citizens get ground to a pulp is certainly a system option.

no one can say Obama does not lead by example.

so… I suppose being in United States government is tantamount to one big socially networked club evidenced by “selfies” as opposed to selflessness.

such tomfoolery.

however, I am certain Jefferson would have respected Nelson Mandela and valued the opportunities he created for South Africa.

while Mandela sought peace and tolerance with unusual courage, I’m not confident he would have gone out of his way to shake the hand of a man that carries the banner for Communism like Obama did with Raul Castro at the Mandela memorial, or seek a seat change that gave him a more public stage.

to make sense of some of this read on!

Obama’s gestures during Mandela memorial scrutinized –”An unexpected handshake. A selfie. A seat change. President Barack Obama’s gestures at Nelson Mandela’s memorial in Johannesburg were widely scrutinized on the world’s stage Tuesday. the look on Michelle Obama’s face tells it’s own story. I have a feeling we are going to get a very big back-story once Obama is “off” the Oval Office (I used the word intentionally).all of this comes to light God evidences both his sense of humor and brilliant timing by allowing Obama to demonstrate a measure of self-absorbed immaturity at a time when his confidence ranking in our country is at an all-time low and just as the article below finds itself published:

Our Dangerous Obsession with External Recognition

read the article from the Harvard Review, in it’s entirety, for it’s perspective:! do it!

“Although our fundamental desire to be noticed is not a new phenomenon, our unending use of social media has radically elevated the level of ego in our personal lives. Famed psychologist Jean Twenge recently showed that self-importance personality traits among 37,000 college students rose as quickly as obesity from the 1980s to present. Two Western Illinois University researchers found a high correlation between Narcissistic Personality Inventory scores and Facebook activity. Countless other study sample groups, from pop musicians to Millennials, prove that we are in the middle of a “narcissism epidemic.”

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


wisdom from the grave: Robert Heinlin


yesterday, to the combined horror of my fellow citizens, the United States Supreme Court approved what shall be historically and  universally reviled as Obamacare.

that despite the letter I wrote, to you know whom.

I’m pondering how to explain both the logic and dire implications to my otherwise capitalistic and democratic-minded daughters.  I am at once searching for good in the world, while I plan an Optimistic Gentleman-related revolution.

I must be, after all is said and done, an example.

so, thusly… it’s not just any day I choose to simplify my life or this Blog as a platform for perspective by cutting-and-pasting someone else’s words. however, Mr. Heinlin speaks to us all from proverbial grave with brilliant insight that also establishes a call-to-action.

to wit..

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” – Robert Heinlein

in reviewing that impressive list of potentially notable accomplishments, I can yet only aspire to die gallantly. however, that is certainly the plan, despite the lack of  a currently considered strategy.

I’m resolute in my skepticism that Mr. Obama has read much Heinlin, or would value the components of that list. I don’t know from whence he draws his experience. but, I am confident none of it would be leadership, or good example.

allow it to be noted, here, that tonight I am cooking for Joanne.

“behind every great man, there is some woman rolling her eyes.” – Barbara Anne Cork

no caring Mother, and the man she inspires, would support, let fathom Obamacare.

the plan is afoot.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

soldiers PAY


as many of you have both noted and lamented, I’ve clearly taken a short break from blogging. the reason being that I’ve decided to pick a fight against the forces of evil in the form several mortgage companies, debt collectors – oh, and seven hedge funds, Facebook and certain people that I feel don’t have our country’s best interest at heart, or in-mind.

call me Captain America, that’s fine.

I recently learned that several families with members serving overseas are under attack by mortgage companies and debt collectors. and, there are clearly dark matters and thinking to go with them that require “light.

but, I’ve also caught wind of emerging thinking that looks like it starts at the Pentagon, but in truth, has its foundation in the White House.

to wit:

the question has evidently popped up: Are military pensions too ‘generous’?

and, of course the answer is: what the hell! this is ludicrous.

the party-line is that this upset was sparked by a non-binding recommendation from the Defense Business Board, the Pentagon’s private sector advisory panel. a July 21 draft report that could be finalized this month recommended pensions be scrapped and replaced with a 401(k)-type defined contribution plan.

NOTE: the board members are apparently from big businesses – experts, the Pentagon says, in executive management, corporate governance, audit and finance, human resources, economics, technology and health care.

but, I can tell you that most of these members are Obamacrats Democrats.

and, you need to remember that there is parallel talk about the government taking control of 401(k) and other pension funds.

it’s a side-note, but relevant, still… will Congress accept a similar measure for themselves?

can we at least argue that our soldiers earn their pay, unlike members of Congress?

more later. I am a Prudent and Optimistic Gentleman. and, I am not happy. neither should you be. so, we need to be prepared to make a stand.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

arbiter of a Harsh Reality


am I the arbiter of a harsh reality?

has anyone else, out there, begun to draw a correlation between Barack Obama and someone else like, well, Fidel Castro?

this is one of the mixed blessings of being culturally, historically, and socially aware (the “Cultural Architect”, thing, eh).

don’t take my word for it, do your own research. pull-off some conclusions. and, don’t think I enjoy dredging this stuff up. I want Obama to be a leader under the vision of my personal hero, Thomas Jefferson, and his own checks-and-balance buddy, John Adams.

seriously… what the hell did Obama do while he attended Harvard?

if there is actually a degree in Social Work, maybe there shouldn’t be.

recently, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez praised Barack Obama for making both him and Fidel Castro look conservative by comparison. Chávez enthusiastically called Barack, “Comrade Obama!”  as a point of reminder, Hugo’s affectionate approval was based on Obama “nationalizing … General Motors.”  in fact, Hugo even gave a shout-out to Castro about Barack, saying,

“Fidel, careful, or we are going to end up to his right.”

Tea Party Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, who is something of a rascal, is (was?) top of the Vice President list for 2012, in part because he knows how to dogwhistle to far-right Republicans.

in early July, Rubio responded to a Obama’s press conference statement that tax increases on the rich must be part of resolving the latest hostage situation by subliminally comparing Obama to Fidel Castro – the ultimate boogeyman for “far-right” Cuban-Americans like Rubio.

Here’s what Rubio told a no-name at National Review:

“Quite frankly, I am both disappointed for our country and shocked at some of the rhetoric. It was rhetoric, I thought, that was more appropriate for some left-wing strong man than for the president of the United States.”

look… when a Cuban-American conservative Republican from Florida says “some left-wing strongman,” he means Castro, eh.

but, getting back to Chavez, just to cement a point, here, I want you to, collectively, (when I write in this style, does it make you think of William Shatner playing James T. Kirk?) remember that the Venezuelan dictator successfully followed castor’s lead by abolishing term limits and shut down independent media outlets, two potential techniques for Obama to consider prior to the next few election cycles.

insiders will remind us all that during early negotiations over the debt ceiling with Republican leaders Obama threw a series of hissy fits and stormed out of chambers.

more and more often, the Obamacratic Democratic media are only offering us half-truths. we get small chunks of information that are misleading, at best. for example, Obama was telling the ignorant and elderly (sixty five percent of our nations population) that Republicans want to pillage the elderly and make slaves of everyone in Kentucky (I made that last part up, kind of. but, it actually makes sense). then within twenty four hours of the House then the Senate passing legislation that brought us back from the economic abyss, the media THEN lets us know that the economy is stalling. but, they won’t tell you that the new plan pushes much of the needed cuts in rampant government spending way past meaningful election cycles. and, that we could be stuck with a tyrannical bully who controls the media driving a socialist-oriented doctrine.

so… tell me I am wrong. why should we not be comparing Obama to Castro? sure… it’s an extreme view today. but, what about tomorrow? if Barack Obama thinks he is someone like Franklin Delano Roosevelt (he equates his thinking around “change” to a New “Deal”, right?), then at what point does he drink enough of his own koolaide to believe Dictatorship is acceptable? you can eat anything as long as it comes in small pieces. but, it can still kill you. and, it’s what you don’t see that can kill you first.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork















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