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How Far Will You Take $100?


lots of questions… so… how do we teach our kids to do Spring Break right?

do we have a different perspective if we are the parents of a son or daughter?

how many of us fear our kids will do what we did?

and… $100 bucks?

…oh… and, “bend your knees”.

wait… what about the High School age kids now invading Spring Break?

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


PREY for Wall Street


that’s no typo. I loved this story until I realized its an infomercial for Wall Street and big banks.

it feeds all of our suspicions that the Street is rigged, and then makes the case that the whole sinister mess is resolved and fair.

thats garbage. that said, its a fun read. just don’t take it too seriously.

The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street

The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street –

How a band of outsiders discovered that the stock market was rigged — and set out to change it.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


Bitcoin can’t buy much of The Walking Dead


Brian Patrick Cork: The Walking Dead franchise is more valuable than Bitcoin.

however, both generate hysterical reactions in people.

the word “hysterical” is another brilliant example of how “rich” the English language is with words that can have multiple meanings and applications.

it’s all quite corollary. that said, any zombie apocalypse gives us insight into what will happen to most people that buy into Bitcoin.

Will ‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Succeed Where Others Failed? – fool.comAMC Networks’  The Walking Dead continues to be the top show on cable, and much like its zombies, the franchise…just…doesn’t…stop. There are video games, comic books, novels, action figures, a talk show, and even a companion spinoff in the…

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


Bitcoins and Pirate Treasure


consider this most recent update around the on-going and dramatic Bitcoin saga found on that scalawag punching rag the inestimable Huffington Post:

This Could Be The End Of The Line For Bitcoin

I like the concept behind Bitcoins.

but then, I also like pirate movies.

fortunately I know what dark waters not to navigate.

with Bitcoin, it’s all quite fanciful and ripe with drama and uncertainty. we never know who the real good guys are, and there is the promise of certain peril at every juncture. the ups-and-downs are like the swells of a turbulent ocean, and the ships that dare those seas are not always up for the task. some daring folks will win; however, most will lose. so, you might as well otherwise play craps in Las Vegas, or Russian Roulette if you like the feel of playing on the edge (be it a razor, plank, or facing the wrath of God).

black sails logothat said, go watch the new, and quite well done, pirate show Black Sails brought o you by STARZ cable television. do it now! it’s quite good, really. and, if any of those hearty-and-ferocious crews suffered by any of the recent Bitcoins shenanigans the perpetrators would face a fate much worse than walking the plank.

peace be to my Brothers and sisters.

brian patrick cork

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