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I taught myself how to Jump


I forget the title of the post now, but somewhere in this blog is at least one rendition of the story around how Curtis Burton the Third and I took his Mom’s new silk sheets and used them to jump off of the third story of my house. I think one of them is: running To or from or both.

Mom was just pulling into the drive way as I flashed her a smile and made that particular leap of faith, and into the hands of God.

Grandad often said:

“you need stories to tell. you can tell them about other people, or they can tell them about you. you have that choice in your own life.”

when I signed-on as a firefighter (and, we also had to be EMT’s) while living in Louisville, Colorado, part of the fitness testing included climbing a one hundred foot ladder.

…I’m generally afraid of heights.

with about ten rungs to go I was thinking I liked the burn in my thighs, and I was also glad there weren’t any building this high in Louisville.

those details are less important today. one reason for that is my point for this post lay else where. in fact, I’m not likely to make any point, here, today. well… other than, contrary to the general belief of those people around me, and who have followed my adventures, I do have fear.

but, hell, boy, I face them.

I taught myself how to jump.

I also look at people in terms of groups. one of those groups are white guys in GoreTex and real Adventurers. the first lot are men (ish) who fulfill themselves by finding an adventure – climbers, kayakers, hikers – a solid group, possibly. but, it’s the second group that I’ll relate to most. those who have adventures in their everyday lives – firemen, soldiers, survivors, entrepreneurs, Dads who hug their kids in public and cry when they score goals, etc.

by the way… two small things, really. the only vehicle I currently have left is my Porsche. and, the thought of crawling into the cockpit of that small vehicle is very uncomfortable for me – literally because my ribs hurt like blazes, and I still see that jeep baring down on my every time we pull up to a stop sign or light. and, I have over two thousand emails (that’s the number that got passed my staff as priority) that I need to pile through just to be ready for a return to work today.

look Ma, no hands.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


the face of fear


if you’ve ever read any of the Dune books, a series by Frank Hebert, you know that we:

“…must face our fears, and do it anyway”.

it might also help to understand that fear is an emotion that exists to give any of us an edge in terms of what we need to do. that fear, sense, or feeling is instinct speaking to you, maybe something like a whisper tickling the nerves at the base of your skull.

I look in the mirror daily, and whether I like what I see or not, and if I’m honest, I get frightened (I never use the word scared) most days. but, I try to use that as some form of advantage.

by the way… go read Rhinocerous Success by Scott Alexander. do it!

mr. Alexnder probably did not say this, but I know Grandad did:

“I don’t sweat the details, so much. for me the important stuff involves following your dreams and looking after your true friends”.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork




The moment was an eye-opener, to be sure, when I realized I was one of  “they”.

“They” (possibly, also known as “others”) say that your income is the average of the five people that you spend the most time with (outside of your family).

This helps make my Grandad’s point when he often said: “If you must judge a man, do it by those around him”.

The thinking around this post is not driven by statistics. And, this is some what unusual for me. I’ll typically make my point with hard data to support them – all of them.

However, here, I’m making a statement that I believe is true. This belief is driven by instinct. And, I trust my instincts. I will be investigating my theory. But, in the meantime, your own gut will follow my position.

Don’t bother attempting to defy or debate me. I’ve reached a higher plane.

This may not make you part of the solution. But, it’s a start. A big part of our job should be making money. It’s okay to do that. Really. I’ll write you a note.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


about that vineyard


I’ve apparently struck a chord with the news I want to purchase a vineyard.

My preference would be Spain.

I’m not looking for investors or partners.

And, I don’t view this as a retreat. More so a platform.

Apparently, and according to Hemingway, and my Granddad, Spain is easier to defend (more about that some other time). And, the people are like none other on the planet. And, yes, I did predict Spain winning the World Cup. The mountain ranges of Spain influence the climates of many Spanish wine regions (and politics), isolating regions like Galicia in the northwest, and protecting the Rioja region from the rain and cool winds from the Bay of Biscay.

All of this, and it’s import, are things, and critical things, that Prudent and Optimistic Gentlemen understand.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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