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Meg Whitman just strapped on an Android


Let’s take a run down memory lane with the making of history as our baring point to understand how history could repeat itself in a very meaningful way…

Brian Patrick CorkPoor “Sal” (the writer of the article below).

he’ll never make for a relevant connector of important dots.

while he makes a good point that HP is probably making a smart move aligning itself with the Android Operating system for its tablets, he forgot that HP could build great Chromebooks.

but, beyond that HP, has a history of picking great partners to boost itself in flagging markets. for example, back in the tail-end of the 1980′s they made a great run next to Apple after convincing Apple to turn-over all printer manufacturing. HP wrote all the great drivers and it was common to buy an Apple computer and an HP together. it was a match made in heaven for people that wanted quality products that worked great together.

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), Google Inc (GOOG), Hewlett-Packard… –

“Traders short shares of Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) were crushed Thursday following the company’s earnings report. Some investors, like famed…”

just like legendary sports teams and athletes great companies find resourceful ways to win. don’t EVER count Apple (did you even notice the current rally?) and HP out. and, ironically, you can win with both by hedging your best with Google.

next week look for my continued thoughts on Meg Whitman, the CEO at HP.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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We might love Google but she has no friends


Brian Patrick CorkFascinating…

As Apple is poised for a surge the jackals begin to bare their teeth and chip-away at the Android eco-system.

The title of this article is misleading. That’s your first clue. Its actually about HTC. They make the best best Android unit on the market, the HTC One (I like it better than the Nexus 4).

Android shows growing refinement. But, if you look at some of my other recent posts you know that the makers of Android phones suffer in the margins. Despite the software being “free” Google makes money on each phone with advertising, subsidies, and app downloads. That is VERY different from Apple whom makes sure partners make money and survive to expand the iOS eco-system.

Google Inc (GOOG), Apple Inc. (AAPL): Android’s Sinking Ship -… –

“Android operating system currently powers 900 million devices, which are made by a plethora of hardware makers. There are over a million new Android…”

Brian Patrick Cork

Brian Patrick CorkIf I’m right; and, you know I am, the predators will start massing on Google to drive that share price down next.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

our Founding Fathers on Google


from: Brian Patrick Cork

me? I’m starting to investigate with some thinking the Democrats might have it more than half right.

evidently, from a Biblical perspective we aren’t supposed to EVER turn our collective backs on widows, fatherless children and strangers.

so, France really has it right. that said, don’t be too concerned.

I have a lot of research to do. but, this line of thinking has curtailed my blogging for a spell (until this evening).

meanwhile, I think Google might be right as well. more on that later. I’m looking at my Nexus 4 I’m unclear why anyone cares about the Samsung S4. the Nexus 4 is the perfect Android device. I like it better than my iPhone. that said the iPhone 6 is bad-ass. but, look… the competition is great for the rest of us (just diversify your stock portfolio).

If it were miraculously available to him, I think Thomas Jefferson would have used the Nexus 4. and, he would have approved of the way Larry Page has grown into a skilled leader with a genuine vision that can lead us. HINT: this has a lot to do with a Ministry called Faith Comes By Hearing that I bet Page is unaware of, at the moment.

in any event, Jefferson John Adams and Ben Franklin honed a lot of political skill and then clout be serving as diplomats at one-point-or-another in France. Jefferson’s duties in France involved the negotiation of commercial treaties with several European powers. fortunately, he was not alone in this difficult task, having been preceded by elder statesmen Adams and Franklin.

all of this is tied together. seriously. stay tuned. but, we might know for certain in roughly eight years. now I need to find three hundred and fifty million dollars.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

Google says Apple Fanboys are right


I threw out this question on Forbes about twenty minutes ago, and then decided to see if I could get anyone to bite on a Sunday night.

I’m not bored. however, I am very sore from moving boxes all day (we just moved again).

“people who like Apple products are often referred to in a dismissive way as “fan boys”. I might prefer “discerning”. but, I won’t take any of it personally. I just like well made products with style.

all that said, what do people who call Apple evangelists “fanboys” call people who are followers of Google, Ubuntu, or Windows? or, Samsung, for that matter?”

A few years back Nicholas Johnson called me an Apple fanboy. that was the first time I had ever heard the term. if memory serves, he was taken aback a bit that I seemed unaware of the term and its meaning. he said that while standing in my doorway trying to convince me how awesome Google was in every conceivable way. this was after I gave him a Windows laptop and challenged him to figure out a way to put Apple’s iOS on it. he did, and was seemingly very proud of the effort. I still don’t know if that was done through a simple download or really tweaking drivers. so, I bought him one of the original Google Nexus One phones. he was very proud of it and liked to show me magic tricks it could do. today, I am using a Nexus 4, and I really like it. possibly better that my iPhone 5.8. mind you… it’s great because it’s very “Apple-like” because it’s stripped of all the subsidized bull-shit manufacturers like Samsung slap onto (overlay) their Android devices. …and, I’m telling you this on my Macbook Pro 13″ with retina display because blogging on my Nexus 7 or iPad is still uncomfortable.

the Urban Dictionary says this:

Apple Fanboy

1. A person who believes in almost anything that apple says and gives into it’s marketing strategy. 2. A prime target for apple marketers to impose their superfluously costing products to. 3. A person who honestly believes that Windows XP or Vista is Archaic, Inferior, Does Not Work, or just plain ripped off ideas from the Mac OS. 4. One who waits in line for days in some instances, for Apple keynote speeches. 5. One who believes adding an “i” prefix to anything is automatically superior to anything that does not have an “i” in front of it.

Most apple fanboys will possess three or more of the following:

iPod, iPhone, Macbook, iMac, Mac Pro, 3 or more Apple Connector Cables, A membership at

they forgot the Apple iTV. I have two of those as well, and subscribe to Mac Addict and MacLife

and, this:

A single-layered thinking drone originally thought to exist in only small numbers. To help them assimilate into the real world, a computer with only simple functions so that the drones don’t get confused was created. Eventually, more products were produced after it was discovered that the number or drones are in the millions. While scientists have been unable to find ways to increase brain performance in this species, a corporation named “Apple” has had financial success in at least convincing that the drone specimen is vastly superior to that of everything else.

A specimen of “Apple fanboy” of this species will act partially retarded.

and, also this:

A person who fits at least one of the following: 1. only knows how to use a Mac and cannot handle a PC, gets very frustrated using one. 2. thinks that Macs’ hardware are much better (although statistically their failure rates are not that different from other laptops). 3. over exaggerate his/her passion for Mac products. e.g. I *need* an iPad to read my newspaper and magazines. 4. uses Apple as a status symbol. 5. buys a new Mac product without knowing the prominent features. e.g. GPS and FaceTime in iPhone 4. 6. thinks he/she is technologically savvy but actually knows very little about technology e.g. does not know the difference between 3G and EDGE, 3G versus Wi-fi. 7. Owns many Mac products and is very proud of it. 8. Feels entitled to get a new Mac product on launch day and get unreasonably angry when failing to do so. 9. Has absolutely no idea what open source is. 10. Thinks that the new features that Apple introduces are ground-breaking even though they had been available for years. e.g. 3G, multitasking. 11. When their Apple products fail instead of admitting that Macs can fail sometimes just like PCs, focus on how amazing the experience of getting it replaced at the Genius Bar. 12. Although Macs are better than a PC in some areas (and vice versa), does not know any of the evidences; just *think* that Macs are better. 13. Feels special and cool to own a Mac product although it is no longer a cult to own a Mac product, unlike 10 years ago.

but, don’t forget this:

Someone who bows before an apple shrine 2 times a day (sunrise and sunset). Usually ignorant and having a go at Microsoft and Google nerds.

my goodness… people who evidently think very highly of other company’s products certainly take a dim view of people who like Apple products. I need to come up with a word that rhymes with hypocrisy and blog about it.

I’ve been an Apple evangelist since 1985. today, I like any company that pushes others to innovate to our collective benefit.

by the way… this is funny (at least mildly entertaining)… I Googled, “what is an Apple Fan Boy”. I got some interesting bits-and pieces, including the following Youtube video. but, what actually funny is the advertisement that precedes the video is for a Google Nexus 7 – which I have and love, as everyone that reads this blog is fully aware.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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