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 here is some perspective. you’ve read these before. but, do it again:

so… I saw this on, humansofnewyork:

of course it reminds of Dad… and, Mom.

sad man on humans of new yorkWanted to share with you guys a letter I got today, because I think it’s a testament to the community of people who follow this blog. I’ve also attached the photo/caption referenced in the letter. I get nervous as the blog grows that the culture will fall apart, but with 2.7 million and counting— the HONY comment section remains a sort of rare internet jewel where everyone, for the most part, is really nice. And when there is a mean comment, it sticks out as an anomaly, instead of the other way around. So thanks for that.

Hi Brandon,

I’m Ted, we met getting off the Six at Grand Central. When I got home Sunday evening, I had an e-mail from friends in Chicago. One of their daughters reads your blog (is that what it is called?), and recognized me even though she has never seen me with a beard. I am astounded! I’ve read about 1000 of the comments, words cannot express how touched I am by what I have read. Its actually more than touched, it has been very emotional to read the wonderful things people have said. A couple people appear confused about what happened, for the record she had acute myelogenous leukemia, we were diagnosed July 2008, we lost our battle February 20 2013, not quite a year ago. Thanks for doing this, it has really touched my life. The most wonderful people in the world read your material and comment on it.


“At first we kept saying: ‘We’re going to beat it. We’re going to beat it.’ Then after awhile we began to realize that we might not beat it. Then toward the end, it became clear that we definitely weren’t going to beat it. That’s when she started telling me that she wanted me to move on and find happiness with somebody else. But I’m not quite there yet. Not long ago a noise woke me up in the middle of the night, and I rolled over to ask if she needed anything.”

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


just watch me pee



only a man can fully appreciate this post.

I have never had a problem peeing in public on an open camp fire.

they call me trinity

have you ever seen the movie, They Call Me Trinity? I think it was one of my Dad’s favorite films. it’s a genuine Italian “spaghetti western”, that starred an impossibly handsome and gifted comedic Terrence Hill as our favored protagonist, “Trinity”. the lesser known sequel was My Name Is Nobody. that also starred Henry Fonda, (my favorite Fonda movie remains, Mr. Roberts: “now hear this… now hear this…”) which is in so many ways astonishing, yet something of a testimony to the sheer genius of the series. Dad absolutely loved westerns, and military yarns. and, he was a terrific belly laugher. the room always lit-up for me when he laughed.

I don’t think Dad stopped laughing from the opening credits to the very end. and, the retelling of numerous Trinity scenes made cocktail parties at our house(s) worth looking forward to.

in any event, there was a scene in a public latrine where Trinity faces-off with a hapless fellow, face-to-face over urinals. that seen left a lasting impression on me for countless reasons.


this past weekend I had my Emma Jo and our hearty-and-ferocious U13 Shockers Nation soccer team at a Select tournament in Duluth preparing for the State Cup May 11th and 12th. we were warming-up for a match and I had something of a run-in with the other teams head coach. he wanted us to change our jerseys and there really was no point. he was just trying to get into our heads. the simple fact is, he was being a DICK.

brian patrick cork

about ten minutes before the match I found myself heading towards the public restroom only steps behind him. he approached a urinal first and paused. I strode right up to the urinal next to him, looked right at him and instantly unleashed a manful and thundering effort, staring at him for a delightful thirty seconds. the entire time he could produce nothing. as I prepared to make my triumphant and testosterone enhanced departure, I slapped him heartily on the shoulder (whoopsee) and offered a well-meant, “good luck coach”.

I know all of this is mean-spirited. but, he was a DICK.

after all that he probably thinks I’m a dick.

we are ready! wish us luck at State Cup!

peace be to my Brothers and sisters.

brian patrick cork


let’s Bitch-Slap North Korea’s Kim Jong Un


I love strategy. it’s something I’m genuinely good at.

looking at a map, North Korea finds itself framed by China and South Korea.

if Teddy Roosevelt were looking at the same map and faced with the choices we are today, I’m thinking he would essentially bitch-slap North Korea’s little sissy of a leader, Kim Jong Un.

that’s a tactical move. but, it sets-the-stage for a reasonable strategy.

and, it’s a bit contrary to my earlier post today, a Purposeful RESULT of Random Love. but, that just brings us back to Roosevelt and how some historical lessons are always relevant, as is my reference to my Dad below.

I’m thinking that China is massing on North Korea’s border (…wait… did you know that is what’s happening? it sure is) because they can’t take the chance that North Korea pisses off the United States enough to elicit a preëmptive strike that casts nuclear fall-out into China and South Korea. think about what Israel did with the Yom Kippur War in 1973.  that would make for a Chinese interesting” forty-year anniversary.

more importantly, China takes Korea and ultimately puts them in the hands of South Korea making for a terrific and powerful trade-partner.

“SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Hackers have apparently disrupted North Korea’s government-run Twitter account. The disruption comes at a time of rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula. The North’s Uriminzokkiri’s Twitter…”

kim jong unhere’s an interesting angle… by reputation, some of the finest hackers hail from China, itself. so, if I’m a shadowy Chinese Central Communist Party member (for the record I’m not. I am in-fact, a Prudent and Optimistic Gentleman – look it up in this blogs archives), and I want to stir-the-pot and instigate change, I give the order to attack North Korea at its bitter black heart – their ridiculous parody of a leader, Kim Jong Un, himself. he apparently drives everything rampant through a run-away ego.

everything about the little sissy makes you want to bitch-slap him.

“…a picture posted Thursday on the North’s Flickr site shows Kim’s face with a pig-like snout and a drawing of Mickey Mouse on his chest. Underneath, the text reads: “Threatening world peace with ICBMs and Nuclear weapons/Wasting money while his people starve to death.”

My Dad served in the United States Air Force under the Strategic Air Command (“Peace is our Profession”). he took détente seriously, and reasonably expected everyone else to do so as well. “Big planes with big bombs make other people think small”.

maybe the Chinese are gonna go “Roosevelt” on North Korea by speaking softly and use a big electronic stick.

is that poetic and justified irony?

they could call it the “Roosevelt Plan”. that would define irony.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


fit and FAST


I’m getting a great deal of positive feedback on my emerging blog series around “change”. but, that has led a lot of talking about what change means and at what intervals in our collective lives.

so, today I’m breaking from the series specifically to discuss fitness.

half the fun of aging (seriously) is finding ways to stay bad-ass.

let’s warm-up with a reading of an earlier post, don’t miss your Chance to blow it.

I’ve run most of my life with a measure of success, tried Triathlons professionally, played Lacrosse, and still coach youth Lacrosse and Soccer.

as many of you know, life took an interesting twist for me about two years ago when my truck was t-boned by a dude with texting and golf on his mind (I’m lucky God took my Truck). that changed many aspects of my life view (including texting: texting and driving to death) and fitness training.

brian cork can kick your assa few months after the accident while we were in Destin on holiday, I tried to run on the beach. the only definable result I got was blood in my mouth and enough pain to bring me close to black-out. so, I had to learn to adapt. and, I’m still adapting.

evidently I’ll have to think this way until I’m one-hundred-and-twenty (120) years old and figuring out how to run a  marathon just to show anyone that cares who’s BOSS.

BOSS is currently defined as: very good, excellent; “cool“; “awesome“.


and, I want to return to the Ironman when I’m sixty-five. so, I need to be ready. that requires maintaining a base or core fitness year-round.

we can spend a lot of time training. however that rarely works-out (literally) for most people. resolve flags with lost muscle tone and confidence. being fit is hard, and it should be. “if you wanna be hard work hard”. but, also train smart.

for me a key element to my training has been cardio-fitness. but, foundational to that has been interval work. and, that includes sprinting or speed work. today, most of that is done at North Park on the turf fields where I can lose myself in mindless circuits. as a point-of-reference be mindful of the term “game-fit”. think of all the intervals Soccer and Lacrosse players run over the course of a match or game. practice is great for drills. but, those games are where fitness is forged.

but, don’t just take my word for it. let’s use two other people as significant examples.

after age thirty (30), every additional birthday candle that you blow out increases your risk for muscle loss. so, this means you’re burning fewer calories. a pound of muscle naturally burns more calories than a pound of fat.

denise austinDenise Austin, whom is now fifty-five offers keen insight. her favorite calorie-blaster: Intervals.

“I love it, and it’s really helped me keep off weight after hitting 50. Lengthen or boost the intensity of your cardio workouts. You’ll burn more calories per sweat session. The best part is intervals are easy and all fitness levels can do them.  Change the pace of your run every two to four minutes, increasing your speed for a few minutes and then dropping back to a more moderate pace for a few minutes, and repeat that series for 30 minutes. For the speed bursts, do a faster run or break into a sprint. Just pump it out as best you can.”

mind you, Austin also does interval weight training. but, perhaps we’ll cover that some other time.

bad-ass musician Pink is another fitness buff and example. apparently she gained over fifty-five pounds while pregnant. but, she shed all the excess weight and brought her fitness level to an all-time high in the effort. so, now Pink is officially a bad-ass Mom. she really is a BOSS (once again: very good, excellent; “cool“; “awesome“).

trust me… you have to do high-intensity cardiovascular and train with weights to look like any of these pictures. and, while most aren’t designed for it, a six-pack is directly linked to a lower percentage of overall body fat. to be clear, you have to work really hard, and eat a high protein diet. you have to do something in terms of working-out at least five times a week.

but, here’s the key… during a video interview with last year (which she did while shooting photos for her cover spread for the October issue of the mag), the rocker credited sprinting with giving her the best and fit

“I can do cardio, circuits, circuit-training all day long and that’s wonderful, but when my trainer makes me do sprints  … it’s like nothing else,” Pink explained. Since losing 55 pounds after Willow’s birth, i’m now in the best shape of my life.”

while my dad was a genuine hero, and leader by example, he did take his own life due to some form of depression, and the fact that he simply missed my Mom. read, the face of my father and , October 6th. but, he also drank a lot. however, something that was never lost on me was he always seemed happier when he was running. and, he ran most of his life, just not consistently. when he ran, he seemed to leave demons behind. I think that may be one of my own inspirations for fitness. I can feel those spidery fingers clawing inside my head if my fitness flags. so, I run from hell, in a manner of speaking.

and, I don’t drink, much. which leads us, finally to the follow as we draw to a close.

four – two – one nutrition plan

to fuel my efforts I also maintain a fairly specific training and nutrition plan. since this post is getting obnoxiously long (which is not unusual), but my intention is to demonstrate how short bursts of intensity can change your life, I’ll keep a description of my nutrition plan simple. four days a week I  eat very strictly. the food must be defined as healthy sort that out for yourself. but, outside of some potato chips, I don’t eat junk food. two days a week I eat pretty good. and, once a week, I eat what ever fancy strikes me. our bodies typically can’t process bad food in a manner that affects us long-term under this practice. by the next twenty four to forty eight hours you are shedding or voiding that crap (literally), and your body adjusts with a focus on the good fuel.

seven-to-seven rule

another practice that helps me stay on track is to only eat between 7am and 7pm Monday through Saturday.

start changing now. hurry. do it!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


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