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I found myself with an unusual extra forty minutes this morning. so, I decided to cash them in at Sky Car Wash near my offices on the Alpharetta and Roswell border.

I handed the keys for my decidedly badd-ass Tundra to the service manager and headed for the front patio to watch traffic and wage commerce via text while waiting. NOTE: I also need to start calling sports medicine doctors about Haley Anne.

I saw my new Tundra enter the wash in good form. but, when the vehicle emerged from the the suds it was missing the radio antennae. during the rub-down phase I pointed it out to the service manager who instantly became defensive, and – blamed it on the Toyota dealership because “they did not screw it in tight enough(?)”.

I’ll cut this short with two key points:

1. I’ll not return to Sky Car Wash (you’ve already noticed, I’m confident I’ve not added a customary link to their website); and,

2. a lost radio antennae is decidedly better than getting hit by another vehicle. for perspective, read: I’m lucky Good took my truck. to wit… every day I don’t get “t-boned” can be, is, and should be, a good day. it’s all gravy, otherwise.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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brian’s new WHEELS (and osama bin laden is dead)


we lost the big, black, bad-ass Ford F-150 in “the accident”.

the team said, “you can have your hearts desire”.

we did some research. the result is bad-ass, rare, and by special order.

it’s not what you might expect. it’s unique and also special (edition).

in other news, osama bin laden is dead. US Navy Seals apparently took the minion of evil out with a shot to the head Monday (remarkably apropos). evidently his son was killed in the action as well. that’s probably another good thing. no family legacy to rally around. by the way… there is certain to be a measure of controversy around the fact that bin laden’s body was “buried at sea”. conspiracy theorists will rail against the lack of a body as evidence. however, casting the remains overboard unceremoniously (without honors) makes for standard Navy protocol reserved for common criminals and riff-raff. and, I’m confident we’ll see photos at some point. but, on the other hand, without a burial place or marker, there won’t be a shrine of any sort for his followers to visit.

the miserable bastard is fish food. and, only good riddance.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

taken aback by Bill Pope


I first met William “Bill” Pope when our daughters – my Haley Anne, and his Madison, were in the same Brownies troop.

During a Brownies Father and Daughters night event (I think it was at Alpharetta Methodist) we found ourselves askance at the stiffness of the Daddies and their daughters surrounding us. So, with reckless abandon, and certainly more than a few ‘hoops and hollers’, we proceeded to hurl ourselves down hallways, vying to see whom could out distance the other, sliding on our backsides.

Our daughters were delighted, and Bill and I each had a friend for life.

I often found myself, happily, taken aback by Bill. He was a gentleman – rather along the lines of Walker Percy (The Moviegoer, and The Last Gentleman), I think. And, I always tried to refer to him as my: “Red-headed Errol Flynn-type friend Bill”. He was dapper, soft-spoken and witty. Charming to be sure.

Bill often annoyed me, and he knew it, by “popping in” to visit with me at my offices. I would always find myself exasperated (my staff-driven calendar is both legendary and notorious for it’s lack of flexibility). But, then we would start our visit, and time would go by, and I always found myself a better man for the time well spent.

The last two times I saw Bill he came by with his eleven year old son Bryce so he could update me on their adventures together. I recall Bill standing their with his hand on Bryce’s shoulder, naught but the very picture of pride; his joy evident, and relishing every minute he could share with a friend and his son. A few weeks later Bill drove over a vintage Land Rover he thought I might like.

And, I think it will be moments when I see older cars that I’ll realize Bill’s immortalization, for me. He liked older cars that bordered on vintage. I always felt he valued the qualities of those cars as a reflection of himself. They shared qualities that included, but could never be limited to: reliability, integrity and style.

So… That’s how I’ll remember Bill, best… A man of virtu, flair and style; quick with a firm handshake; and, committed to Jane, their family, hearth, home and community.

The last communication I had from Bill was only this past Saturday night. He had sent me a text message, eager to catch up over a project we were involved with. Bill was one of the few men that could draw me out on a weekend. So, I was looking forward to calling him on the way to a soccer match with Haley Anne. I knew that afterwards I would tell Haley Anne a story; possibly about Bill and me, or at least some other friend, because that’s what Bill made me do best, in this case – be inspired by a great friend.

…but, we lost Bill and Bryce later that night. When Joanne told me numbness selfishly crawled up my legs and desperately tries to continue it’s reconciliation with my heart.

Going forward, we need to make sure we remember to reflect Bill well so that his legacy is our beacon.

This is me raising my hand.

Peace to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

toyota is not the enemy as seen in the Mirror


According to the Washington Post (and many other media rags) Prosecutors in Orange County, California have filed a lawsuit against Toyota because of continuing problems with its vehicles.

The district attorney’s office accuses the automaker of knowingly selling hundreds of thousands of vehicles with acceleration defects. The office says it has the right to bring consumer protective action on behalf of Orange County residents.

Toyota spokesman Mike Michels says he has no comment because the company hasn’t been served with the lawsuit.

So… Why does Toyota have to ever see such a complaint?

It’s not like Toyota is denying there is an problem and trying to resolve it. Hell, it’s obviously in their best interests to jump on the issue and make a good show of living up to their vaunted reputation as one of the finest automakers in the world.

I think I have the answer though… This is California in-motion, and soon, to be sure, our own government trying to deflect attention form it’s own foibles.

Why isn’t the Orange County District Attorney suing the State of California for mismanagement of state funds, water rights, land utilization, crop and agricultural management and losing sight of corporate pensions?

I understand glass houses shatter easily. But, casting this stone looks more like kicking the company while it’s down. Seriously… What’s the point? Toyota employs people and pays taxes. On the other hand, and as a counter-point, California can’t manage it’s own borders and squanders tax dollars.

California represents the worst of our culture when it comes to materialism and the easy buck. Here you have a County suing a corporate giant with the obvious hope of a settlement that will fill badly depleted coffers. It has such a “red neck” feel to it… Sue them for easy dollars instead of holding ourselves accountable for overseeing quality control standards.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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