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saying Goodbye to Chris Langer


Hello Pearl.

I’ve only just learned about Chis’s death by reading the obituary section of the Radford Highlander magazine. I did a quick Google search and came up with his broader obituary.

I knew Chris for a couple of years at Radford University. I played on the Lacrosse team with him. I’ll submit his tour were the glory years. One of my favorite memories of Chris was him defending the goal at practice with a sawed-off goalie stick without a head. I’m pretty certain he was on acid. I recall Coach Woolley looking askance at him with chagrin. However, that weekend Chris shut-out Richmond. Chris was fairly well known for experimenting with a lot of things, including nutrition. He was always razor-thin. Chris was very intense. But, you could not help but like him on a deep level.

“An accomplished athlete, Chris played two intercollegiate sports for Radford University, where he was an All-Conference lacrosse goaltender and a member of the 1981 Virginia Intercollegiate State Championship soccer team.”

I’m not the least surprised Chris travelled far-and-wide with a rather ecclectic career-path searching for a way to connect with a lot of people and make a difference. I’m also not surprised that he appeared to feel that he pissed-off a lot of people. I’m sure they all forgive him because he had an aura of uniqueness about him that made him more interesting and inspiring than irritating or hurtful.

I really do hope this message finds you. People cared about your husband, and his legacy is real. Consider me a friend. I coach my daughters in Soccer and everyone else’s sons in Lacrosse. I tell my Chris Langer story to every goalie on every Lacrosse team I coach.

“Chris” Cork, ’84

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“saying Goodbye to Chris Langer”

  1. Avatar October 10th, 2013 at 6:32 am Willis Smith Says:

    Chris, nice comments about our former teammate. Chris kept us posted on his situation, right up until his untimely passing. He knew what was coming, had known for years, but as was Chris, he took it on with the vibrance that he played lax and soccer at RU. We all miss Chris and his enthusiasm for life. He did have a great gusto about him. Hope you are well. Come down to RU Oct 18-20, see Rich Hogan, another of my teammates, inducted into the RU Hall of Fame. Willis Smith

  2. Avatar October 10th, 2013 at 8:36 am Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    Hey Willis. Welcome here.

    I never got to play Lacrosse with Rich Hogan. But, he is another player that set a standard for RU Lacrosse. I’ll be in Hong Kong that weekend. I’m still trying to make an alumni game!

    I found a picture of Chris in goal. He was a small guy but he was a large presence, eh.

    – Cork

  3. Avatar October 10th, 2013 at 3:39 pm Todd Williams Says:

    Chris: You remain a well-practiced liar. Thankfully, this time you told the truth.

    Let me know when you can show for an alumni game. I would love to hear more about your lacrosse heroics and moonshine stories.


    PS > The ‘shine flowed from Floyd County (VA), not WVA.

  4. Avatar October 10th, 2013 at 9:18 pm Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    Hello Todd. Welcome here.

    I do remember you… Another goalie. Stout fella, and with a beard, no less.

    I can’t lay claim to any heroics. However, I’m deeply grateful for many things beyond count and measure at Radford University. And, discovering Lacrosse is certainly one of the. And, I’ll take your word for it with regards to moonshine.

    – Cork

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