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our Founding Fathers on Google


from: Brian Patrick Cork

me? I’m starting to investigate with some thinking the Democrats might have it more than half right.

evidently, from a Biblical perspective we aren’t supposed to EVER turn our collective backs on widows, fatherless children and strangers.

so, France really has it right. that said, don’t be too concerned.

I have a lot of research to do. but, this line of thinking has curtailed my blogging for a spell (until this evening).

meanwhile, I think Google might be right as well. more on that later. I’m looking at my Nexus 4 I’m unclear why anyone cares about the Samsung S4. the Nexus 4 is the perfect Android device. I like it better than my iPhone. that said the iPhone 6 is bad-ass. but, look… the competition is great for the rest of us (just diversify your stock portfolio).

If it were miraculously available to him, I think Thomas Jefferson would have used the Nexus 4. and, he would have approved of the way Larry Page has grown into a skilled leader with a genuine vision that can lead us. HINT: this has a lot to do with a Ministry called Faith Comes By Hearing that I bet Page is unaware of, at the moment.

in any event, Jefferson John Adams and Ben Franklin honed a lot of political skill and then clout be serving as diplomats at one-point-or-another in France. Jefferson’s duties in France involved the negotiation of commercial treaties with several European powers. fortunately, he was not alone in this difficult task, having been preceded by elder statesmen Adams and Franklin.

all of this is tied together. seriously. stay tuned. but, we might know for certain in roughly eight years. now I need to find three hundred and fifty million dollars.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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“our Founding Fathers on Google”

  1. Avatar May 7th, 2013 at 8:01 am Johnny Says:

    At face value you comment about caring for widows and orphans is spot on. The book of James says the religion that is pure is to look after widows and orphans. It’s pure because they can’t give you anything back.

    The probem with politics these days is how that is applied. Nowhere in scripture does it say, “The rich have too much. Take it from them and give it to the poor.”

    If I am not mistaken, it’s the republicans of this nation that give more out of their own pockets to the needy than their democrat counterparts.

    The most fair taxation method is the flat tax. Have a flat rate that everyone pays. If you make more then you pay more money, but not a higher percentage. Get rid of loopholes, tax deductions, etc and just monitor if people are paying their taxes.

    Then the argument becomes more focused on how to spend the money and ceases to be about stealing more from one group than another.

    It works quite well for sales tax; why not income tax?

  2. Avatar May 7th, 2013 at 9:02 am Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    Politics are a means to an end. Like anything there are problems associated with perspective. If you are a career politician, the system might work because many politicians seem to focus on the perks associated with the role or job working for themselves, and less so their constituents. An example of this is executive privilege in the form of medical benefits and pension. Those are completely misaligned with the average Inited States citizen.

    I do like the concept of a flat tax. Or, perhaps a consumption tax, more so.

    Republicans are likely defined as “givers”. Especially the “one percenters” discussed at At least from the evangelical perspective (most of the worlds wealth is realized within the wallets of our nation. However, its our Democrat brothers that use those funds in a seemingly more Biblical manner. That’s where the Book of James finds its point. And, why I said, Democrats might have it more than “…half right”.

    Since the founding of our nation, the definition of the parties has been some what juxtapositional.

    In any event, while speaking with Morgan Jackson from Faith Comes By Hearing yesterday, I was transfixed by the realization that the Democratic party seems to be focused on Biblical tenants (except for abortion and same-sex marriage). This is on the heels of my recent and emerging appreciation for the Android Operating System, and Google, the organization.

    – Cork

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