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this post is not about mission work.

…yes it is.

everything is about “the mission”, life-work, “being on a mission from God”. there are as many ways to say it, as there is to describe it, along with opportunities to realize it.

I feel, today, that the best mission is how we positively impact something that we believe in that is bigger than ourselves.

that can be God, family or country. it can also be about business. or, being in the business of all the rest.

all that said, my mission statement is, “helping men that change the world make better decisions”.

I find that opportunity in some of the most unexpected ways, manners and places.

justifiedover the course of a recent episode of Justified, which is awesome, a pasty-faced villain that is very easy to hate less than despise, offered-up words of wisdom for everyone. he said in a fairly pivotal scene, “if you wanna win you should bet on the horse in front”.

his example aside, I consider myself a leader. so, I focus on helping other leaders be better leaders. for the moment, God is letting me do that.

today has been simple and certainly gratifying. early-on I had a group of genuinely terrific men in my conference room that come form many points in my past, yet find themselves squarely in both my now and future. great things are afoot. meaningful and profitable and change-oriented things. I had to run to the bank quickly and found myself unexpectedly stopped by a young local entrepreneur that tracks me. he has an opportunity in the educational space quickly approaching on the 18th. he is convinced that is going to change his life. he asked me what he needs to do to be ready. I only had a moment to think, but the words that formed instantly in my head then fell out of my mouth were…

what makes you different? what’s your differential?

why are you relevant today?

what is the customers ROI for going with you?

I told him people that make decisions can really only focus on three things immediately. if you can address their pain and offer a solution that makes sense to them (speaking their love language), you are very likely to win the opportunity. his eyes lit-up, and he said, “I knew you had the answer for me”.

that felt great. then I got the text from one of my Lacrosse Moms…

“__________ is out of his mind. he got to be part of that small practice you ran last night and they got special attention from you. you are so awesome. he has never been this excited about anything.”

where karma can be a bitch, destiny need not be.

more later. I just pray it never stops.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


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