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bernie ecclestonerecently someone appears to have decided to try for a prank and impersonate Charles “Bernie” Ecclestone. you know… the Formula One guy. there is more to him, of course. but, that is my immediate reference.

the hoax was simple, and unnecessary. the key word being unnecessary.

the perpetrator created a fake Linkedin profile for Mr. Ecclestone. while that was goofy and unfortunate, it was also pathetic. more so because I don’t even care whom the Loki wanna be isn’t.

unless it was all meant to help me have some fun in my own right.

that made it a God thing, and necessary. fortunate… that word springs to mine. fortuna, would be Dr. Pappas’s choice. good things happen around great people, or those that would do good.

in any event, I don’t know that Mr. Ecclestone and I have much in common beyond liking things on our own terms, having two daughters, and focusing on the necessary, but if that puts me in rare company, and offers a baring-point for relevance, I’m all in.

brian cork is racer xby the way… I like fast and expensive cars as well. but, mostly because they are typically well engineered, and they can get you places in a unique way that is often more metaphorical than literal. and, that will probably be lost on the person that tried their silly game. and, as most of you are fully aware, I am Racer X. it’s true… I am NOT Rick Astley, I am Racer X!

all that said, the best part of the experience was me simply stumbling upon an article concerning Ecclestone written about three years ago. It chronicled Ecclestone just after a tumultuous period dealing with awkward quotes, him still loving his wife, and pondering the world around him. he’s a “steely-eyed missile man” that one, as my Dad might have described him.

I found it all fascinating.

I’m going to embed a link to the aforementioned article, Bernie Ecclestone: I gave $1 billion to my ex-wife… But I’ll be all right. I shop at Waitrose, into this post with the simple hopes that you find time to read it yourself. do it!

meanwhile, here are two of my favorite quotes from the piece. they put a lot of other things into perspective for me:

“I’d be happy to die on the job. For me, that’s the only way to go. If I died halfway through a grand prix, no problem. Although I’d prefer that it happened after the race was finished.”

and, before that, actually:

“I don’t know why people were surprised. It’s the way I live.”

I’ll likely never forget that last bit, ever. they are utterly fabulous words to live by.

life is all so necessary. even the silly parts.


Bernie Ecclestone: I gave $1 billion to my ex-wife… But I’ll be all right. I shop at Waitrose

give’m hell, Bernie.

by the way… today I am listening to, Just Give Me a Reason by Pink (featuring Nate Ruess from FUN.). I love being in love. I love life. just give me any reason. reasons are often necessary, but always useful.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

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