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I’m going to really push some thinking forward as I share something of a personal journey with you. let’s reference one of my more recent posts as a baring-point:

rules today that pave The Road for tomorrow, but also, why change need not be arbitrary.

are you your own “Burning Platform”? do you create your own Kobayashi Maru? you genuinely need to explore that.

it helps to start  looking around yourself. what are the influences that drive behavior?

some organizations, like the Army, refer to this as “situational awareness”. more on that later.

this includes looking at yourself, and the stuff around you.

people can be stuff. so, maybe it’s a relational thing. feel free to make it a physical thing.

but, to be clear, the desire to be different is where change begins.

“There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” – Aldous Huxley

that desire leads to understanding yourself which then connects you to change, or a change event. change can’t happen without fierce desire that may find its root in your heart and can spread throughout your gut, mind and soul.

to be candid, I’ll submit, and based on my experience with so many things that include being a “human bean”, dad, husband, athlete, coach (on several levels), business man, ordained change-agent, etc., the odds of making a lasting and possibly radical change in your life are stacked against you. it’s a harsh reality, but when even life is at stake most people refuse, won’t or can’t budge from what often proves to be the deadliest place on earth: the comfort zone. just think about your relationship with your spouse, money, and career-path, for examples.

I’m reasonably certain that only one-out-of-ten people are ready, willing or able to act on the desire for something new, and more importantly different, which can radically change behavior, and with it, their lives.

try this… think in terms of the physical (body), mental (mind), spiritual (soul) and emotional (heart). then ask yourself questions around those aspects of yourself that might include:

  • what motivates you to be different?
  • why do you want to be different (there is probably a difference)?
  • what goals will mean the most to you once you’ve accomplished them?
  • how do you want to change your life in those areas?
  • what gives you meaning purpose and power?

TRANSPARENCY: I’m not certain “power” belongs with all this. but, the word came (or found me) to me. so, perhaps there is meaning for it here beyond my own immediate reasoning.

so… looking at Mr. Huxley’s words, and my interpretation of their meaning, I think that if you want new or better results, you must change your behavior. do it!

more later. next, we’ll tackle awareness.

today, I am listening to, Fall At Your Feet by the venerable Crowded House.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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    […] We started with, desire. […]

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