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God and Judgment and Stuff


I don’t know if God is angry or capricious.

we’ve certainly heard him described as such.

George Landolt, John Stein or Johnny Walker would likely suggest I research the Bible to investigate such a thing. but, reading the Bible is hard. it’s difficult.

I admit it.

but, it’s not that I’m looking for an easy answer; as if I’m seeking instant gratification. the answer to this question could very well take a lifetime to sort-out. and, we may not have that answer until we face Him, fair-and-square.

all that said, God allows really terrible things to happen. John would tell me its all about testing us. that whole “trial in the desert”, thing. but, God seems to let mean people that are willing to take advantage of others prevail quite often.

so, is that the discernment I’ve been going on about on this Blog? some of us have a special gene that allows us to open-up that veritable can of “whup-ass”.

some people are just hurting, and they need to or want to hurt others. and, God appears to stand blithely by. now I’m wondering how judgement works.

speaking of that, all of this, really, I’ll discuss John (a different John, yes) and Sherri, here.

they are in the midst of an ugly divorce. and, of course, the kids are being used as a weapon of mass destruction. all of a sudden, after seven years and two evidently happy kids, John is evil and dangerous. he’s suddenly irresponsible and Sherri has moved a court to only allow him to see his kids under tightly managed supervision.

a date a few weeks back promised to be a milestone as John had been pushing are for a hearing in front of some judge to discuss all of it. by the way… the hearing had been scheduled for months. but, Sherri and her parents decide to take off on a holiday trip with the kids. suddenly the hearing is an inconvenience because sherri will have to interrupt her vacation and fly up for the hearing if it goes through. thusly, her lawyers turn up the heat.

so… here’s an excerpt from a text dialogue John and I had earlier this evening before I took-off for Lacrosse practice.

John: Big win for Sherri today. Looks like I may not get my hearing next week… I will just keep my head up and keep plowing…

Me: How did that happen?

John: Lawyers schedules and judges schedules it seems… It can still happen but there are only two days next week – Wednesday or Friday that may work. Nothing I caqn do about it.

Me: I concur. Too bad a father that wants his children can’t be the priority.

John: Part of dealing with evil. I will get to learn another lesson in life and keep my head high!

Me: Sometimes ignorance and maybe pain is disguised as evil.

John: So sherri is not evil she is just ignorant and full of pain that is why she is keeping [child’s name]  and [child’s name] from their father?

Me: Time will tell. But, you already know her wight and associated issues weigh (sic) her down with angst.

John: Yep so I have to pray for her every day like I always have that she can find a way to deal with it and make herself happy.

Me: Just ask God to heal. Don’t worry about details. Praying with sincerity is hard enough.

John: I will.

interestingly, as I googled “scales of Justice” looking for an image of, well, scales of justice, the following book on ranked high on the first page, Tipping the Scales of Justice: Fighting Weight Based Discrimination [paperback].

What rights, if any, do fat people have? If a child is obese, are the parents legally responsible? Can employers treat overweight employees as different, or disabled? Should fat people be protected by disability laws? Cases of illegal hiring practices, workplace prejudice, harassment, unfair treatment, medical malpractice, and denial of public access are being filed in increasing numbers as the nation continues to obsess over, and misunderstand, weight. 

misunderstood weight?

…more later.

but, meanwhile… for Gods sake. what about the kids? that book is going to cite somewhere that the children of Mothers that eat their sorrow until it crushes everyone around them end up like their Moms. and, when a daughter is denied her earthly Father, all hell breaks loose.

here’s a mental image. that judge should have an obese woman sit on him until he can’t breathe, or until he expedites a hearing, research and a decision that reunite a family under reasonable expectations.

what would God have us see in this opportunity to be crushed by the sheer inaneness of it all?

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

2 Comments to

“God and Judgment and Stuff”

  1. Avatar August 15th, 2012 at 5:08 am michael michael kors Says:

    I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for posting. “He removes the greatest ornament of friendship, who takes away from it respect.” by Cicero.

  2. Avatar August 24th, 2012 at 10:09 am John Stein Says:

    Man, this is a hard one and an easy one. Here is my own opinion on the matter. I continue to learn…

    The easy:

    God is not judging us at all. He already did that at Calvary and to lay down any further judgment would render the cross insufficient and say that what Jesus did was not enough. He is not going to die again. Once is enough.

    So, to escape judgment, all we have to do is put our faith in Jesus. And, we are free. That is too easy.

    The hard part lies in discerning adversity. My conviction says that God will take people through circumstances for various reasons. In my own walk, I saw considerable “fire” designed to mold and shape and prepare me. We could say that the objective is that I be “perfect” and “lacking nothing” as found in James.

    However, the devil is just plain nasty and shows up occasionally. It could have nothing to do with anything – sin, desert preparation (Deut 8) or anything else. It could simply be the fact that we are at war. Standing is a key as found in Eph 6. Also, identity and authority factor in. The short of it is, “devil, go!”

    Then there is sin. The wages of death is sin. Those who have yet to yield completely to the LORD may still have a couple of areas in their lives that contain darkness. And, there is a legal right on the devil’s part to occupy that land and cause havoc in a person’s life. God is not angry or judging. Again, He is all about freedom. So, our repentance brings the change. Land is healed, and sin is forgiven. Devil (and adversity) goes.

    This goes hand in hand with sowing and reaping – what the lost would call “Karma”. As one sows, so shall he reap. Go sow death into a situation with your words or deeds, and watch what happens. Go sow life as is found in 2 Cor 9 on giving, for example, and watch how financial life is born.

    Anyway, there is more to the events of life than a simple railing judgment by the LORD. God is not mad at us. He want us all to walk in freedom. That is a major point to Jesus’ ministry and to this comment, it would appear.

    Circumstances can be hard. And, I once heard Charles Stanley say that the day that he started considering EVERYTHING as if from the LORD was the day that he saw a major shift in his life.

    Something to ponder.

    I say, fear the LORD and love people. Confess your sin and ask God to examine your heart for anything that you put above Him. He is your shield and protector.

    It’s hard to love when all you feel is judged. God is love.

    So, where’s a place for judgment in that?

    Grace be yours.

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