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did you know that Apple, Inc. is now worth, or at least valued, more than Poland (as in the country)? this is a financial fact. read more on that, here.

but, I’ll wager there is not one parent in Poland that would value the health or well-being of their children less than Apple, the company.

so… what do we value? and, how do we assess value? what do things cost us, all, or at all?

I learned a long time ago in Bosnia that freedom, and things that can be taken for granted, don’t come by cheap.

everything has a cost. every…  …thing.

by the way… Bosnia is only five hundred and forty five (545) miles from Warsaw Poland.

for the moment lines of battle are being drawn-up with mandates being handed-down from board rooms around the globe relative to such things as data and texting – a medium many of us certainly do take for granted; possibly can’t live without – but, fail to comprehend what happens behind the scenes, and at the bottom-line.

dramatic, you say? consider this provocative notion… I feel that data is going to be like electricity or water. none of these resources completely free. however, few worry about giving someone a glass of water at home, or letting them plug-in to charge an Apple iPhone or MacBook (or, Android device [hint…see recent activity on my Linkedin profile. but, I’ll BLOG about it soon]).


“Text messaging is free, and calling is going to be free,” said Joe Stipher, CEO of Pinger said while attending the 2012 Mobile World Congress (“MWC”) that ended yesterday.

that free-thinking is becoming a reality. but, what you eventually don’t pay for is going to cost companies and shareholders a great deal.

that’s okay, I say. but, we need to, at the very least, understand.

it would be needless to say that mobile companies are not happy at the flood of free messaging services like, Pinger, piggy-backing their networks. there are a good many such services cropping-up. just Google “free texting” to start your own investigation. the change and evolution is inevitable – it always is. wanting the change is easy. but, defining the winner is never simple.

telecom Italia SpA chief executive Franco Bernabe also spoke-out at MWC stating that, “free messaging services are undercutting the ability of phone companies to invest in their networks”. to be sure, paid texting, or SMS, has been a cash-cow for phone companies that uses minimal network capacity.

“…the new players have based their innovation in the mobile domain, without a deep understanding of the complex technical environment of our industry. This is increasingly creating significant problems to the overall service offered to the end user and driving additional investments for mobile operators,” Bernabe said.

okay then… apparently after years of study, the big telecommunications operators announced this very week that they will try to fight back by introducing software this year embedded in new cellphones that will allow users to do the same sort of Internet-based messaging and voice calls that consumers want without paying separate fees.

cool. that reads (or, sounded) something like, “if you can’t beat them. join them”. but, I doubt it. the cost of that update is based on a heavy responsibility of Board of Directors whose reality are shareholders that, ironically, want the freedom, if you will, for themselves, but not the consumers of the products of companies they’ve invested in.

this is like “whack-a-mole” at Chucke-E.-Cheese’s. the cost will pop-up elsewhere, either in hidden fees or more expensive devices or contracts.

Me? I buy stocks of companies that find ways to innovate, change the world, and create wealth. So, those dividends make paying a bit more for products people need, want – and, can’t live without, like Apple’s make watching everyone else keen into the night, or stumble like zombies through the night somewhat more bearable.

no one  said the Laws of Natural Selection were designed to be fair.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


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