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Apple always bites back


Sprint did not fall over itself committing to buy Android devices, did they?

I’ll be arguing, sooner than later, that Android devices are for losers. or, possibly simply for those that don’t mind losing. stand by for that. but, when I unleash that hell on Google you can be certain there will be yelling, fist-shaking, and a fair amount of pushing and shoving in many a hallway and Starbucks.

perhaps of more concern, in terms of the immediate, I’ll be discussing the new iPhone shortly, but consider only the recent news regarding Sprint Nextel Corporation. late Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that as Apple Inc. prepared to release the new(ish) iPhone Tuesday, the terms it has squeezed from Sprint reveal the leverage it has over the telecom companies that once drove decision-making.

this is important information for both perspective and as a back-drop for future decision-making.

the Wall Street Journal reported (but, I already knew) that Sprint, the No. 3 U.S. wireless carrier behind ATA&T and Verizon, is making a multi-billion-dollar gamble on the Apple iPhone. Sprint has apparently committed to buying at least 30.5 million iPhones, in a deal the company will lose money on until 2014. but, just so we are clear, this is, in fact, a BILLION DOLLAR BET, on Apple.

prediction – and, you read it, here, first.

watch what happens with Sprints indirect “partners” in China. this way you (as defined by those that do the research) won’t be surprised by the nationalization of the cellular industry and where the supply of iPhones comes from. and, whom buys a lot of those phones committed to by Sprint. the demand for iPhone (and, NOT Android devices) coming from that region is going to be insatiable.

short Google, and buy Apple.


looking at the new(ish) iPhone 4S… here is a valid line of thinking that I know analysts (and consumers) will pick-up on…

don’t look for a detailed technology overview from me. NOTE: I underutilize technology, but I understand and appreciate it. my role, here, is to add perspective.

so… the new(ish) iPhone 4S is evidently twice as fast as the original 4, and jammed with new features and upgraded hardware (most people will never buy an actual camera again – so, Apple has changed camera-use behavior, if not an entire and separate industry).

the voice recognition software called “SIRI” is stunning, and cool, and I’m already spoiled by it.

there is no bottom-line. the story will only get bigger and Apple technology more impactful to our lives, collectively. the simple fact is that the iPhone 4S is an almost entirely new and very much upgraded iPhone. but, in typical Apple fashion, they are down-playing that and sticking to their road-map strategy and simply calling it the (S), just like they did with the 3S.

the best news is Apple consumers expect miracles. The stock is a miracle. Apple continues to lead down more roads than most people could ever hope to travel.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

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