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our carver motor yacht story: July 4th, High Adventure, and Great Memories


I’ll begin this post asking you to ignore my errant thumb. the iPhone can be a very forgiving device, but not always for amateurs such as myself.

Haley Anne had a good number of her possie with us today. and, I got my first heads-up over the enigmatic “Evan”. that, of course, bares investigation with my radar up.

but, all things considered, this was a great weekend. the boat has offered us a great platform that promises both high adventure, and loads of bonding opportunities.

Emma Jo and I got to simply hang-out a lot and listen to music. we also found ourselves floating around the Waverunner in a cove near the marina all to ourselves. we jumped-off the watercraft and just chatted away an hour. later we read MacLife and Macworld side-by-side up in the bridge of Mojo under the fading skies. she asks great questions and demonstrates a keen understanding of how things work:

“Daddy… I think the ‘I-O-S-5’ is a relly good idea because it makes iPhones and Apples the same”.

there are moments I can only look at her (my little pumpkin) and smile.

but, for me, the highlight of the trip was the late evening with the terrific Kenwood sound system purring out all manner of classics driven by my iPod. again, on the bridge, with stars shining over our heads and the sounds of fireworks crackling in the distance, I had my back up against Joanne with her chin on my shoulder as I told her more stories about my Mom and Dad. for the record, Mom, in particular would have adored Jo (and, her granddaughters – Haley Anne is a dead-ringer for Mom). however, I spent a lot of time reminiscing more about Dad over this particular weekend (and, with the girls as well). Dad was, of course, a veteran – having served two tours in Southeast Asia while he forged a brilliant career in the Air Force.

thanks Dad (especially on days like this). but, I’ll note here, that Mom’s tomb inscrition reads:

“Wife to one, Mother to all”.

they were such a great team, and inspiration.

and, thank you, God, for my family and everything we can be grateful for.

I listened, and a lot, to: Yellow, by Coldplay and Beautiful World, by Colin Hay. and, Lynyed Skynyrd, for some reason. Emma Jo prefers Miley Cyrus, for some other reason, and was never shy about advancing the play selection button.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

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