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white people tax


I probably have your attention.

but, this post is not what you might initially think. I’m not stapling the race card to my forehead, here (I’ll let Obama do that). in fact, when he learned of the topic and before he read the actual post, one of your Congressman contacted me with a tirade that turned to redoubtable bluster once he understood the true message.

to wit…

although this warrants more research, Ben Battell gave me a heads-up over some legislation that didn’t get much press, but has (had?) ramifications and implications that are down right fascinating, and culturally relevant.

take a look at the following article aptly titled: Tanning salons burned by new health care law.

come on… you gotta hand it to him, Obama is slick. and, the Democrats are insidious in their relentless efforts to undermine best practices and stick it to the GOP. the Obama administration turned-up the heat on tanning salons across the country with the passage of its new health care bill.

a 10% tax on individuals receiving indoor tanning services was tacked on, and the initiative is expected to generate $2.7 billion over ten years. as a result, many salon goers and owners are outraged by the so-called “tanning tax” and think they’re being unfairly targeted by the bill.

evidently, the foundation of all this has some loose statistics around tanning beds and cancer.

fair enough…

An indoor tanning tax will therefore “serve as a signal from the federal government to young people that indoor tanning is dangerous and should be avoided,” said Dr. William James, president of the academy.

In addition, because the United States currently spends about $1.8 billion on treating skin cancers each year and $300 million on melanoma alone, the tax will significantly reduce the future costs of treating skin cancers, Dr. James said.

but, tanning enthusiasts (and race car drivers) have pushed back saying,”There was no due diligence done on how much money this will raise, and it’s going to be nowhere near what they are expecting,” he said. “After taxing female entrepreneurs and primarily female customers, this is the other part of what’s so repulsive about this tax.”

“This is going to close tanning salons,” said Joseph Levy, vice president of the International Smart Tan Network, which has 3,000 member salons. “You can’t just pass on a tax like this to customers and not have it hurt your bottom line.”

however, this is really a direct shot at a class of people (or, people without class) that frequent tanning salons with discretionary income in-hand.

namely, white Republicans.

I am not sabre-rattling!

I simply think this is hilarious. it’s the perfect crime. Democrats will tell black people that tanning booths are just another self-indulgence enjoyed by “rich white people”. so, they’ll be all for it. let’s throw Asian and Hispanics into that pot as well.

wait… it get’s better. the 10% tanning tax has replaced the 5% tax on cosmetic surgery that was originally included in the bill. that tax, nicknamed the “Botax,” would have included Botox injections and breast implants among other elective surgeries, but was cut out of the bill last year after heavy lobbying from the medical and dermatology industries.

but, the problem is the wives of wealthy athletes and members of the House and Senate (the later with health plans subsidized by your tax dollars) also want botox and fake boobs. so, that was “nipped” in the bud.

it should, and will be noted, here, that Mary Dailey (see comments in that referenced article) offered her own hardly unique, and Democratic perspective (and, likely with a raspy voice):

I don’t see anything wrong with there being a tax on tanning. They have already taxed the hell out of ciggarettes which are just as unhealthy as tanning. I don’t tan because I don’t want premature wrinkles.

dear Mary… how many avid smokers do you know that don’t have a lot of wrinkles (and, smelly clothes)? well… maybe people that smoke a lot and have fake tans and boobs die quicker so we don’t see as many of them around Milton, Georgia and the Polo Grounds (more likely so Kentucky, Northern California and Tennessee). but, it’s a good bet Obama will work hard to bum-rush them through Natural Selection to the voting booths so they can take everyone else with them.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

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