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on Donald Trump: one pirate to another


so… I’ve done business on the other side of the table from Donald Trump. and, I lived to tell the tale.

Somali Pirates just might be another matter.

but, before I walk that plank, and just so we are clear, I don’t like the fellow. to prove it, I’ll point you to another post I’ve focused on him: really looking at donald Trump. quite frankly, I know he does not care about that, and you really don’t need to either.

what I do like about Trump is he is straight forward about objectives. he wants and expects to win. that means someone, anyone – and, everyone else, really, has to lose, for that to happen.

that “winner-take-all” attitude and transparency might be refreshing reflected in the White House.

for example, Barack Obama (just in case you forgot, because it’s easy to do so given the hapless fellows stance on, well, anything, he is our Commander-in-Chief) does not have a position on pirates operating out of Somalia. trust me, Somalis are a rough crowd. they are angry (like, all the time), and they would just as soon kill you as %$#@ you. preferably both. so, they are well-suited as pirates. but, when it comes to pirates, and other things like tensions in Libya and nuclear catastrophe’s in Japan, Obama’s priorities are golf and college basketball tournaments.

but, not Trumps. he takes the piracy thing personally. and, Unions. they’re a lot alike. he and I might agree on, those things.

so, how about Donald Trump for President? at least when Obama is absent (minded) because it’s tee-time.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

2 Comments to

“on Donald Trump: one pirate to another”

  1. Avatar March 24th, 2011 at 2:30 am Erin Says:

    cool… what kind of business did you do on the other side of the table from trump? it must have been big for trump to be at the negotiating table…

    and, when was this?? does the man even still make deals or just television shows?

  2. Avatar March 24th, 2011 at 7:02 am Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    Good morning Erin. And, welcome, here.

    Real Estate. I was coaching a team through an acquisition and a variety of properties. There were many people involved. I don’t have intimate insider information how Mr. Trump runs his day-to-day business dealings. But, my impression is that he is not directly involved with every detail of a transaction. I do believe he has good people around him.

    So, his public image is that of an acerbic pirate and sometimes scoundrel. However, if there is a score-card, you probably want to be on his team, or represented by them. It might be an interesting perspective that he part of his image is that of a liar and cheater. I don’t know if that is an accurate description of him, or not. However, with that reputation, perceived or real, comes greater scrutiny. So, I may be of the opinion that he, and his team, are genuinely best-of-class business people. And, many outsiders don’t like doing business against him, because he wins. Personally, I like it when everyone wins, and we use our super-powers for good.

    That takes me to the point of my blog post. I’m keen to see if you are really interested in Mr. Trump relative to Somali pirates, or if you are trying to simply take-pot shots at me obliquely. But, I’ll approach this hoping that we’ll find common ground over an interesting topic, or at least disagree over fair and reasonable repartee.

    I have little confidence that Trump is going to run for President. And, he could never hold a candle to the Clintons (Hilary and Bill are a team) when it comes to Foreign Policy. But, Barack Obama is very concerned about his image and legacy. And, having high-profile people like Donald Trump making points and a stand over issues like piracy on the high-seas forces Obama into the light and making decisions.

    Not only are Somali pirates genuinely bad people. But, they are disregarding many basic Muslim tenants and aiding several terrorist groups by transporting weapons and people that want to disrupt fair commerce. They are, by definition, terrorists of a broad variety.

    My understanding is that Trump is aware of a retired Admiral (I am not stating his nationality) that has talked about forming a coalition of multi-nationals to take the “war” to the Somali pirates. Ironically, this is illegal. However, it is something Trump and his friends have indicated they are interested in funding. That puts Trump in an interesting light, eh.

    Me postulating that he might be “presidential” in some form really isn’t fair or a good solution for the piracy issue. But, I am personally frustrated by Obama’s lack of decisiveness. How do you feel about that? When people like myself raise their voices, sometimes it creates a groundswell that leads to action. It’s voting in a fashion, right?

    If you listen to Public radio, for example, there are people with reasonable arguments that ask questions something like: “If Obama [consider his heritage] were actually trying to harm the country with an agenda, what actions might he take”?

    That is provocative. And, so is someone like Trump being willing to take inspired action.

    As far as Mr. Trump being in business and his involvement with television, they are corollary. It takes a great deal of business acumen and luck to have a successful television show. You live in Atlanta, right? This place is a hot-bed for entertainment and the business (legal, accounting and advertising, side of things). But, my understanding is that Trump is actively involved in a wide-range of business dealings across several industries. He is both vital and relevant. That man profiles like someone that will work and contribute until he drops. I hope I can as well.

    Think what you will of me, Barack Obama or Donald Trump. But, I know Trump is a man of decisive action. And, our country needs a clear voice that can rally resources and action for the best interests of us, as a people. Maybe, just maybe people like Trump can be part of the solution.

    What do you think?


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