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food does not always mean gas


I have a lot of fun with twisted entendres and titles for my posts. it’s often more than half the fun of writing.

that said, as short as this post is going to be, it heralds something the global community must needs be prepared for. me? well, my Grandad often reminded me that Hemmingway said: “Spain can be defended”. so, like many of the seventeen families, we are buying properties, there.

by the way, I absolutely do mean to come across as dramatic, here. so, what you do about it in terms of research and action is up to you, collectively.

Libya is obviously in turmoil. however, our involvement along the shore of Tripoli is nothing new. and, our efforts there may not be so obvious, as in the past. but, our focus needs to be.

Libya’s struggles don’t have to mean oil shortages. and, perceived oil issues need not be reflected in the escalating gas prices you are seeing at North American pumps. you are all being played. more about that later. but, the global picture is getting darker, and the broader economic landscape has me, in truth, more concerned.

I’ll be touching on this more and more (and, also picking on Google and Facebook in unrelated efforts) in the weeks to come. but, the real story that will ultimately emerge is food and how it can and will be used to control entire continents and the people that live on them.

it takes fuel to deliver foods, grains and seeds.

the Suez Canal may become something of a focus, sooner, than later as well. that’s another center of control where fuel, transportation, and food converge.

Africa is likely called the “dark continent” more for it’s inability to evolve, then anything else. and, much of what is wrong with the world is clearly reflected, there.

and the “smart words” for research should include: control, population control, education, economies, alliances, water ways.

I’m asking tough questions that include the relationship with Obama and his push for certain ego-fueled leaders of corporate America to develop opportunities overseas (don’t tell me you missed that), his bid for a leadership role within the United Nations, and his “home-training” at the feet of his earthly father long before he came to this country (only in-time for a college education). in case you forgot about that last part, you can refresh both your browser, and your memory, by directing both to my previous post: history is always in the making but understanding makes it meaningful.

don’t roll your eyes at me or this post. just think. that’s all I’m asking. and, its not a conspiracy I’m concerned about. its a form of economic plague and a form of terror that could be both unprecedented and as yet unrealized.

more later.

meanwhile, listen to Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In the Wall, Pt. 2. Do it!

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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