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why Apple won’t or shouldn’t play nice with Flash


the real question is:

why won’t Adobe play nice with a world that is, in many respects, dominated by Apple and it’s best-of-class products?

then again, we need to define what is meant by “dominated” and “best-of-class”.

I’ll do that some other time.

meanwhile, Apple, as (re)led by Steve Jobs, since 1998, has made it the point of putting products in your hands that you did not know you could not live without until you used them.

think that line through carefully (I’ll repeat it, here:

“…putting products in your hands that you did not know you could not live without until you used them.”


allow me to put something int0 perspective for you…

I firmly believe you should trust Steve Jobs and his management teams judgment. while Jobs has been back at the controls of Apple, it has gone from being a company that almost was, as could have been bought for an abysmal valuation, from a shareholders perspective, by Palm, to what is today, the second largest corporation on the planet. if you had bought Apple stock before Jobs came back in 1997 for about $6/share, that same share would be worth nearly $1400 today.

and, along the way, Apple has helped pioneer technology evolution with extras like, built-in internet access, wireless cards,  USB and bluetooth. he put the creators; the innovators, of those and similar products, on the map (just as he did with the self-entitled little shits that brought you Adobe)! there are many more examples. but, that is a heady list because of the vision it took to support those advances, then, that we take for granted, today.

in terms of the animosity between Apple and Adobe and their Flash product, you need to understand that the issue, in it’s truest form, is actually Adobe’s issue with Apple.

Steve and company have sorted out that Flash is more of a barrier. it leaves “residue” all over the place and clogs the collective things, up.

all that said, the Steve I know, and you need to understand, better, rarely makes a stand on, for, or over, a product, unless he knows something is needed, on the way, and / or part of a better direction. he genuinely wants you to have a fantastic experience, and puts his money and name where his mouth is.

HTML5 is an option. but, it’s just an example. but, it’s more likely a “view” of what is possible, and yet to come. and option. choice. Adobe and it’s Flash are all you know, for now. so, it makes you somnolent and lethargic. Steve and company will have none of that. because of his stand, today, you will have better choices tomorrow.

just watch… and, I mean that literally.

so, I’m making this case because, with this making for a back-drop, you have to anticipate that Apple knows that a solution more elegant than Flash is either on the horizon, or at least possible. the clues are always in the Apple product road-map and the convergence-circle that is always contracting and expanding.

more later.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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