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Facebook is on a Mission but not from God


John Corbitt was kind enough to share a link to a story about Facebook and “dumb phones”.

for it’s vital perspective relative to this post, you can read that story, here: Facebook focus on app for dumb phones is very smart.

I had several thoughts as I worked through the piece. but, that which managed to fire my imagination was how this secular effort is corollary to religious missions.

apparently the emerging objective, in terms of the big race for our collective souls, is to get “the word”, depending upon the interpretation, into the collective hands, heads and hearts of the “unreached”. that would be defined as people in China, India, and remote regions of the planet. they number in the billions, and are evidently more open-minded. or, perhaps they are just less sophisticated, and thusly more “programmable”. from a church planting or secular business plan and a return on investment (“ROI”), going after the “unreached” makes both strategic and financial sense.

so, it’s interesting (to me, any way) that Facebook and other forms of religion have similar global strategies.

oh yes I did say that!

and, the above referenced article said:

You can expect other app makers to at least ponder the feature phone route because the numbers are huge. Facebook is thinking world domination and you need feature phones to get there. Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi has highlighted the need for non-3G devices. In fact, “white box” phone makers are gaining share in the mobile phone race as they churn out commodity phones. That’s only going to continue. Facebook gets it: The real growth may be in the dumb phones.

Tim Barker, a full-on Christian fellow that I’m coaching (and, someone I consider both smart and heroic) has a pretty solid plan to make “giving” more efficient and productive. he  says:

We prayed “God bless America” and He did. Now even in these difficult times we are still the wealthiest nation of all History. If we would now give 10% of our current giving resources to worlds poorest spiritually and physically and to these Top 10 that ministries with their current results it would fulfill the great commission! The WCT research proves that this group, the worlds poorest spiritually and physically are the most receptive to the most valuable gift we can offer in meeting both these needs, Jesus Christ.

“Ron Blue has said that 80% of the evangelical wealth in the Church today is in America and it’s enough to fulfill the great commission”.

If we achieved this, that is giving 10% of all Christian resources to the top 10 ministries by results (not size) it would complete the Great Commission. Here’s the math.

10% of $270 billion = $27 billion and this is enough to provide funding not just to one but to 3-4 of the top nine list for each of the worlds remaining lost and poorest in one year. I did the very simple math for this. $27bill / 4billion people equal $6.75 a person to work with.

For that we evangelize and disciple all 4 billion while also providing clean drinking water.

Each of these people could hear the gospel ($3 each), go through the Bible (.53 each) and be in a discipleship program (.04cents) and get clean drinking water (.20 cents) for a year. This still only equals to $3.77 a person.

The remainder of $2.98 a person will not feed them a year or the whole 10% at $6.75 a person. If we gave the worlds poorest ALL the annual Churches Giving/tithes of $270 bill a year and if you divide that by 4 billion poorest and lost people, it still only equates to $67.5 a person a year or .20 cents a day. At that we know it’s not enough to keep them alive.

okay… pulling the lines-of-thought, as defined by business/ technology/ Facebook and religion together, in an herculean effort to make my point, here, this is fine by me providing the various app developers and faiths don’t use their extremist beliefs like blunt-edged weapons as we’re witnessing in Egypt, for example. and, most of you are aware of my feelings about Facebook. if not, read the following, just so we are clear on the matter: facebook is proof we have a Problem. do it!

I’ve observed, in turn, how Middle School girls can use Facebook to torment one another. that platform also adds another barrier to more simplified communication (like talking to one another or writing things in long-hand) and creates unusual body image issues (many kids doctor their images and pretend at things that are debatable in terms of value or appropriate).

and, we see daily how the “big three” religions have historically interpreted both the face and the words of God for their own purposes.

Would you just love to have representatives from each religion debate in a global forum with God himself the moderator?

just think, with a dumb phone in their eager hands, we can now tweet the word of God to the veritable masses. or thanks to the Facebook site you have the option to “friend” them. and, if they don’t comply just turn of their service (or, have an Angel call them).

if you are an evangelical Christian this now means that remote denizen has been exposed to the word of (the Christian) God (referred to as being “witnessed”), so he or she better capitulate, or be damned (you are now defined as an “evangelized non-Christian” – which sounds dire [I hope they never RFDID Tag for that]). I’m not clear how that is different from extremist Muslims beheading women for not waring face coverings. although another extremist recruiting method is yelling really loud and brandishing scimitars. but, we’ll tackle that elsewhere.

…I’m just saying….

I am not insufferable.

I can see it. and, I care about it. all of it.

God created my heart. and, he knows it better than even myself.

My own Haley Anne is on Facebook. I despise it. I refuse to use Facebook. but, I’m on my toes and vigilant. things can change. I have to lead by example with my own open-mind. and, I’m counting on good men like Tim Barker to lead us, all of us towards investing in any organization that help our Brothers and Sisters of any faith live better and authentic lives.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

5 Comments to

“Facebook is on a Mission but not from God”

  1. Avatar February 9th, 2011 at 9:21 am Judy Glick-Smith Says:

    Brian–I had to chuckle when I got to the end of your blog today. I share your blog on FB all the time, so, in a sense, you do use FB.

    FB has its draw-backs, I agree, but to ignore it and its potential for building community is to miss a chance to observe the evolution of language and the birth of a world peace the likes of which the world has never seen.

    I hear people complain about how the kids on FB are writing their posts (like the way they text) and how horrible their spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and even content are. The people complaining are in the age range of 25-50 (a group I always thought were the early adopters as far as technology goes). [I would point out here that even you don’t use capital letters to begin your sentences and, therefore, are a contributor to this revolution in language!]

    What this older group doesn’t realize is: Young people are creating language at a rate of speed never before seen. These people will be managers in companies in 10-15 years. They will still be communicating this way with each other. The language and the way they communicate today is the language everyone will need to be using tomorrow.

    My advice? Get on FB and friend as many people as you can under the age of 20. I don’t get involved in their conversations much; I’m an observer. If don’t understand their posts, I send them a private message asking for translation. I’ve got grandkids. I want to be able to communicate with them in their worlld.

    The technology is enabling communication and organic, borderless community-building. This is very scary to people who want to control what people know. Why else would the Egyptian government want to shut down access to the internet? Why else would the U.S. government want to shut down Wikileaks? The more we try to control, there more there is to control!

    Love the way you make me think in the morning, dude!

  2. Avatar February 9th, 2011 at 10:13 am Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    Hey Judy.

    Your words strike me as wise.

    I don’t Facebook mostly because my own “handlers” feel it makes me too accessible. And (I just committed a proper English no-no starting a sentence with “And”), maintaining Facebook takes a lot of time. I’m also witnessing too many marriages fail because, to be candid Facebook creates opportunities for people to get way to familiar with one another – for example, old High School or College flames. Andy Stanley, the Pastor at Northpoint Community Church told us years ago to never allow the opportunity. Although I am VERY disciplined, I just don’t want to be part of the problem. Also, I tried an experiment a few years back on MySpace. I created a MySpace profile and clearly stated that I did not want to meet women. I was hit up several thousand times by woman all over the globe. And, not a few from Alpharetta. I blogged about it. You can take a look at that, here: Do it!

    All that said, I’ll remain both open-minded and hopeful. I understand that Facebook is here to stay and will be a foundational tool for future decision-makers. My objective, okay, one of the objectives, with this post was to demonstrate the cult of personality shared by “things” like Facebook and religion. As the Muslims say:

    “The promise is in the punishment, and the punishment is in the promise”.

    I was asked recently if I thought companies like Facebook, Google and apple would be around in one hundred years. My answer was an emphatic “yes”. But, mostly in the form of DNA and influence.

    So, if you look at Influence in terms of the discernment that God gave us as one of His greatest gifts, it comes down to understanding, and then being responsible AND accountable.

    This is me raising my hand. And, I’m glad you are there with me.


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