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the Sprint iPhone


as reported last Monday on our Twitter feed, Santi got his hands on a CDMA Verizon iPhone working with Sprint.

I teased with some insight into the T-Mobile iPhone yesterday.

side note: existing Verizon customers start to get theirs until today. or, perhaps we can spin it and say, they get theirs before the masses which could be as soon as February 10th.

we know this is going to start something of a ruckus… but, this is such awesome news, and wicked-cool. as hearty readers of this blog are fully aware, I walked away from my own iPhone (me being an Apple evangelist, aside) in favor for an HTC EVO because I was fed-up with AT&T, its billing and network services.

Santi apparently called Sprint customer service and gave them the Electronic Serial Number (“ESN”). It took about fifteen minutes, and he was up-and-running.

…maybe it’s so early in the ramp-up phase that Verizon does not have counter-measures established, yet. and, Santi may have just slipped-through.

that said… apparently the rumor mill has it that Sprint would recognize the Verizon (or other) ESN and block it. however, we’re being advised that the acceptance actually occurs on the carrier-side. Sprint apparently has the option to accept the ESN on their network. why wouldn’t they? Sprint wants users on their network. and, I doubt they signed an agreement saying they would not poach Verizon customers. so, Verizon would have to have software on the device to block other networks. the questions is, “do they?” at some point, Apple will update the OS and that could disable the or an device. but, why would Apple do that? they want people buying more iPhones. I’m sure “iOS jalibreaking” CDMA devices is already being explored. sometimes it’s less simple to just go the unlocked route learn more about that at

…then again, maybe not.

Santi is also reporting that his team is keeping their collective eyes on February 7th, the date of Sprint’s invitational press event in New York (he’ll be there). Sprint promises an “industry first”, and to show that the “impossible is possible.”. why not? Apple’s COO Tim Cook has stated that Verizon does not have an exclusive contract for the iPhone.

Mr. Cook himself has told us:

“[W]e are not under a contractual exclusivity now in any country in the world. The last one was the United States. We have moved away from those.”

NOTE: that probably has more to do with the iPhone 5. Apple lets loose an updated iPhone each July. if you start up new with Verizon now you are stuck with the older version for two years when the new unit shows up in five months.

we’re thinking the real story, here, is Sprint may be pulling a true “industry first” with a 4G WiMAX iPhone 4 out of their magic hat. If Sprint gets that trick to work, they could just be a few paces ahead of their competitors.

if this holds-up, it’s certainly significant.

and, here’s further incentive for jailbreakers and looking over at Sprint…

according to a recent Mashable news leak:

“Starting Thursday, according to a PDF on Verizon’s website, the company will deliberately start reducing download speeds for its heaviest users, the top 5% consumers of data. Verizon does not explicitly link the policy change to the many thousands of new iPhone users that are set to start using its network this month. Many among that top 5% may well use other smartphones. But iPhone owners, given the unparalleled number of apps at their disposal, have a distinct tendency to be data hogs — as AT&T found out to its chagrin. Over the last few years, the carrier made a number of efforts to reduce iPhone users’ load on the network, from launching clusters of wifi “hot zones” to dumping its unlimited data use plan for new customers.”

once you’ve found yourself using a Sprint-driven iPhone, maybe more good news is Santi’s handset isn’t Verizon branded. Apple appears to be holding their position on the aesthetic (thank you!). and, I’m not clear how or if the device is optimized for anything beyond 3G, which is about all Verizon can muster for the moment pending LTE /1. Santi has yet to confirm if the Verizon handset is comprised of older components.

there MIGHT be a video, of sorts, forthcoming. but, we need to evaluate that type of exposure in light of certain dogmatic shenanigans by Apple realized over the prior iPhone 4 release.

in any event, I will be curious how visual voice-mail is handled. or, if he has to use

also, under “points of interest”, as Zuti tapped the foundation of this message into my LinkedIn last Monday for a Tweet, a advertisement inserted (asserted?) itself. we’ve not seen that happen before. I guess that is good. I don’t know if it’s bad, unless it can be defined as invasive.

stay tuned.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

1/ Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a new radio platform technology that will allow carriers to give you higher wireless upload and download speeds currently between 5-12 mbps but expected to increase. Verizon Wireless, AT&T and MetroPCS in the United States and several worldwide LTE carriers began rolling out the new network in 2009.  The world’s first publicly available LTE service was opened by TeliaSonera in the two Scandinavia in December of 2009.


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