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I like Apple’s stock better than Googles numbers


I’ll be exposing Google’s sinister “infomercial” practice later this week, early next week, at the latest, once we verify a few facts.

meanwhile, being careful not to offend the irascible Troy Brown (who is not really Troy Brown) I won’t be mentioning Larry Page in this post.


while your standing by for information relative to the provocative opening line of this post, consider the following, even though it’s not necessarily corollary. it might be. but, let’s not concern ourselves with that.

I’ll just lift some material from another online infomercial story, and build off of that…

“Google is threatening to do to Apple in tablet computers what it did in smart phones: blast past to grab biggest slice of the worldwide market. Apple’s share of the worldwide tablet market slipped to 75% from 95% in the fourth quarter tech tracker Strategy Analytics [apparently, but who confirms this stuff?] said Monday.  Google’s Android software, by contrast, grabbed 22% of the worldwide tablet market during the fourth quarter, up from just 2.3% during the third quarter, according to the firm.

It’s a pattern that’s mirrored by the evolution of the smart phone market over the past year: Google and its partners have catapulted past a fast-growing Apple to claim the top spot in the worldwide smart phone market. Apple isn’t exactly suffering. It owns 16% of worldwide smart phone sales, most of the profits, and sales are up 85.9% over the year-ago quarter.”

that all seems fine and good. however, is anyone – and, it should be everyone noticing, that for all the touting, Google’s stock is not moving North relative to the potential impact of the stories? this means Wall Street isn’t buying into this story-line, and neither should you.

“Does quantity have a quality all its own? will the sheer volume of Android handsets give Google an edge with developers? Or does Apple’s head start give it a lock on profits — if not market share — that Google and its partners won’t be able to rival?”

here is a look at my kind of bottom-line…

Apple rewards it’s collective shareholders with ever-improved valuation. Tim Cook will likely replace Steve Jobs with command-and-and-control of Apple (just not our hearts, inspiration, and imagination). that’s already baked into the stock price. Larry Page (oops) replacing Eric Schmidt is bold, but it’s not inspiring investor confidence. at least not yet anyway. and, that’s baked into Google’s stock price (which is up over 11%, but does not really matter, yet). to be fair, Mr. Page does not step up officially until April, I think.

in any event, all the hooplah aside, Google can sell push Android through more devices than Apple, but Apple is still more profitable. that is more important to me as both a consumer, and more so, a shareholder.

part of my above referenced post is also going to include a call for Google to become more efficient. that will affect the share price. and, I’m prepared to to take the credit for that. shareholders can buy the Modelo’s at the Olde Blind Dog when the time is appropriate.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

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