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For the sake of a balanced argument – and fair, possibly, unbiased opinions (think: informed decision-making), Electronista has a short article on the: lack of Flash for WebOS.

My views over Steve Jobs’ and Apples position relative to Adobe and it’s sagging Flash products are well considered, documented, and understood (consider my prior post: the Flash on apple debate isn’t PC). But, now that Adobe has finally released Flash 10.1 and released it from it’s beta status, allow me to sum-up the current state of Flash on Mobile Devices:

1. Every non-geek (and people that think they are, otherwise, informed, I have talked to thinks that Flash works on every current phone except the iPhone.

2. Adobe says that Flash 10.1 will work on every mobile device (except Apple). Is this passive aggressive behavior? Or, possibly a marketing twist that inappropriately paints Apple the villain.

3. Adobe has demonstrated a slow, buggy and very crash-prone beta of 10.1 on Android OS 2.2 that appears to ONLY works on the (Google) Nexus One (the phone that all of you know I tried in good faith, and then handed over to my eight year old daughter [who prefers her 3G iPhone]).

4. Palm says Adobe hasn’t given “any sign” it’s close to Flash 10.1 for WebOS.

5. And Flash 10.1 doesn’t run on any other phone, either.

Yet the lack of mobile Flash support is still seen as an Apple problem.

I love that. This continues to demonstrate that the collective we look to Apple for leadership – even in ways the masses (followers) can’t fathom.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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“flash This”

  1. Avatar August 31st, 2010 at 1:29 pm nicholas johnson Says:

    That article is almost 3 months old. That’s an eternity in technology. All Android devices support version 2.2 now (and, thusly, Flash). The newer Blackberrys and Windows Mobile phones also support Flash.

    Android + RIM + WinMo = 71% of the market
    Apple = 23% of the market

    So, the remaining 6% don’t have Flash. Adobe is taking the correct approach. They are developing mobile applications for the largest market share holders first, then they’ll get to those little guys.

    With that in mind, I’ll speak to each point.

    1. More likely than not, if you’re speaking to someone with a smartphone, they probably have either a RIM, Android, iPhone or WinMo phone. So, in their reality, Flash DOES work on every smartphone except the iPhone. Only 6 of 100 people you talk to will say – “Nope, Flash doesn’t work on my Pre, either!”
    2. Well, considering they currently have Flash running or are developing a Flash app for every other smartphone, I’d say its simply stating the facts. If stating the facts paints Apple as the villan, so be it. But, they aren’t fabricating anything.
    3. As I said in the beginning of my reply, this is old information. Flash is no longer “buggy,” and it works on the platforms I mentioned above and is in development for other platforms. Also, I use Flash almost daily on my Android device and have yet to see a crash, even in the early days when it was considered “buggy” I was crash-free.
    4. Sure, thats how they used to feel: Palm said that in June. Today, they’re excited that Flash is coming in Q4.
    5. See above.

    “Yet the lack of mobile Flash support is still seen as an Apple problem” – It is an Apple problem. If the other OSes don’t currently have it, they have, at least, opened up their systems to allow for it. Apple is the ONLY mobile OS that has explicitly stated that they will not permit Flash on their operating system. Other than iOS, if the OS doesn’t currently have Flash, it wishes it did.

    The leaders are putting Flash on their devices; Apple is simply being contrarian for sport of it. And, they will become the followers when future iterations of the iOS support Flash. Assuming, of course, Steve Jobs is a big boy that can admit when he’s wrong. He thought the “followers” would help him snub Adobe – he was wrong. He thought we would look up to Apple with wonder and say “lead us, now and forever, oh great ones, we can’t think for ourselves”, but we didn’t.

    The “masses” and “followers” (as you say) aren’t stupid. They’ll follow Apple when Apple creates amazing innovations, but they have no problems thinking for themselves and blazing their own trail when Apple blunders. And, that’s how it should be – problems can arise if we follow a company blindly, right?

  2. Avatar August 31st, 2010 at 1:54 pm Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    Three months is only a long time to the impatient and inexperienced. Those that “rush in”.

    And, I appreciate the 71% figure only because it takes all three of them (the hapless window’d folk), combined, to hope for any chance of competing with Apple and it’s higher standards.

    You are presuming to know, and be privy to, Adobe’s marketing strategy. And, we all know, the community at large, that you don’t have that information.

    Apple has not blundered in several decades. You stand challenged to offer otherwise (the argument around Flash is now now cold and stale). You follow Apple – look up to it even, because your aggravation, as fueled by it, means Steve visits you daily in your head – and, your youth rails against “the man” whom you simply don’t understand, and the pantheon you can’t comprehend.

    However, all that said, I value the wording of your position. Some of it contains the elements of conjecture. However, the text is clean and well laid-out. Passion has to count for something. Your arguments and position have the appearance of reasonableness. We’ll see about the Pre. But, why not? They will join the masses and stand united on the old platform, as it will be referred to, when Apple and it’s forces of light roll-out the next and better platform. And, of that you can be sure, if you can’t be prepared. And, it’s grand unveiling is soon; although not nearly soon enough says I.

    I’ll trust you, then, not to weep bitter tears of frustration. But, perhaps look up into and bask in the glow of a company that rewards its followers with brilliant, and cutting-edge products that “just work”, while also rewarding shareholders with sustained wealth.


  3. Avatar November 11th, 2010 at 8:09 am super vision for what really matters « The Unsinkable brian cork Says:

    […] any event, about six weeks ago he (Nicholas) came up with some market share numbers that had the Android platform making significant ground on Apple’s iOS. There is no doubt […]

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