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androids doing it the Apple way


Here’s another example of how Apple eats everyone’s lunch, while making them think they like it…

One of my Andoird-toting, and still, sophomoric, BEANS called, and rather triumphantly, I’ll add, advised me that research firm Canalys estimates that Android had thirty four percent (34%) of the U.S. smart phone market in the second quarter, compared with thirty two percent (32%) for the BlackBerry – and, a “measly” twenty two percent (22%) for the iPhone.

“dude, people that care and matter are choosing android and numbers prove it. they speak for themselves”.

Fair enough said (and says) I – and, then reminded him, evenly, mind you, that the Apple iPhone is hamstrung by its exclusive relationship with AT&T. And, currently Android and BlackBerry (main stream whores, to be sure) phones are sold by many carriers.

I also, and boldly, predicted that the numbers will likely shift (one could reasonably assert dramatically) once the iPhone is available with other carriers. T-Mobile is imminent, as is Verizon – and, that particular race only represents North America.

NOTE: Ironically, now that the law and the man that are one has ruled that jailbreaking iPhones is fine-and-dandy, you’ll see the iPhone adopted even more aggressively. …just watch.

By the way… Don’t bother even thinking this wasn’t part of Steve Jobs’ plan all along. He made you think jailbreaking a phone was naughty, and thus, fun. You were fighting the man in your own self-defeating defiant way… All the time working like hell to make the iPhone work for you (and better for us Apple shareholders).

Jobs put a phone in your hand you not only didn’t know you could not live with out; he made you improve it, and it’s application, in ways he did not have to pay for with corporate coffers. And, those Android guys are working so hard to make their phones as good as the iPhone. It’s fun to watch. Especially when all that effort helps increase Apple’s share price.

Oh thank God for the delicious irony.

There are so many ways to count, and discount, BEANS. But, it’s the mistake you make twice I’ll try and steer you from. Learning what an open-mind is remains an endless and wildly gratifying part of life’s journey.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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“androids doing it the Apple way”

  1. Avatar August 4th, 2010 at 9:27 am nicholas johnson Says:

    Apple is “hamstrung by the exclusivity agreement with AT&T” because they wanted to be. Windows Mobile, Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian all decided, up front, to be carrier agnostic. Good move on their part – bad move on Apple’s part.

    No one forced them to agree to an exclusivity agreement – they selected an exclusive channel out of arrogance. And, that arrogance has allowed the other major smartphone players to elbow their way in and surpass the iPhone’s sales.

    So, when Apple’s exclusivity agreement with AT&T is over, and they start selling through different carriers, will you call the iPhone a “mainstream whore”, as well?

    The move to TMobile makes sense – TMobile is owned by Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Telekom is the official iPhone carrier in Germany. Plus, the TMobile and AT&T chipsets are compatible, whereas Apple is working with Qualcomm on a CDMA chipset to run on the Verizon network.

    And, no, I don’t think that jailbreaking an iPhone was all part of Jobs’ plan. In his fervent pursuit of federal legal intervention, Steve made it clear that he absolutely did not want us to jailbreak is precious device. Was it a ruse to avoid appearing giddy? I doubt. Assuming it was, then why? You say that jailbreaking the phone was our way of “fighting the man in our own defiant way”. Well, I’d contend that “most” of the people who use a jailbroken iPhone have it out of necessity – not a childish need for rebellion. The iPhone was and is very limiting, hence the people spent hours devising ways around it. Plus, a jailbroken iPhone is much more detrimental to the Apple shareholders than a non-jailbroken iPhone. With a jailbroken iPhone, the user can completely circumvent the Disney-filled, walled garden of Eden known as the App Store – a big money maker for the Apple shareholders.

    And, for a long time, that system worked wonders for Apple. But, to jailbreak an iPhone is no easy feat, the user has to be prepared for hours spent tinkering (or dollars paid to someone else), plus, they have to be cautious of any and all updates and/or network calls. The other smartphone platforms, especially Android, have caught up, and they are giving consumers what they want – Choice. Choice of carrier, choice of apps, choice of operating system version, choice of plans. And, the masses are rewarding Android.

    So, did Steve Jobs plan on being in third place? HA! He is too much of a megalomaniac to knowingly sit idly by and let two sworn enemies take over his market.

    If you look at an iPhone and an Android device side-by-side, and look at them objectively, it is clear that one was created for the user and the other was created for the designer. One was created with me in mind – it does what I want it to, it gives me what I want, I can take it where I want. The other was created with the developer’s CEO in mind – it does what he wants it to do, it lets me see what he wants me to see, it makes me stay with the carrier that he wants me with.

    And you say the Android guys are working hard to make their phones as good as the iPhone, but you forget the very numbers that you quoted earlier. If the iPhone was a better phone, people wouldn’t be abandoning it in droves. Is the iPhone a great phone? Sure. But, now, finally, there are better phones and legitimate replacements – and so, the people are voting with their dollars. In greater and greater numbers, those dollars are going to Android, Windows Mobile, et al.

    “Especially, when all that effort helps increase Apple’s share price.” Huh? Any effort on the part of the Android community to improve the Android device succeeds in increasing the share price of Google – not Apple. On the contrary, Apple suffers every time someone realizes the inherent benefit of open over closed and leaves the iPhone for an Android device.

    This post and others are a clear indicator that you’ve lost all sense of objectivity when it comes to Apple. The iPhone was the most amazing device ever available to the masses when it debuted in 2007, but now, its just another phone. There is no longer a real differentiator in hardware, software or applications. The only remaining differentiator is open vs. closed and the carriers, which explains the iPhone’s rapid decline. The people want openness.

  2. Avatar August 4th, 2010 at 10:00 am Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    You help make my point.

    Thank you, and sincerely.

    Apple used AT&T to establish their market. In typical Apple fashion they created demand for their products in ways that the unsuspecting consumer (and competition) could not fathom. In any event, the stage is set for carriers clawing at Apple with the keen desire to sell the iPhone to their vast armies of customers. Concurrent with this you have those customers demanding that their service providers give them the option of the iPhone.

    Along the way, Android and Blackberry work desperately to be, at least, compared to the “best-of-class” status of the Apple iPhone.

    Be careful lad, you are making a stand saying things like: “people are abandoning the iPhone in droves”. Yet, there is no foundation for this. In fact, it’s simply not true. Don’t be impetuous. I’ll counsel not to let the heat of your passion disable a better calculation based on truth and light.

    And, I am, in truth quite objective. I paid for and used an Android phone – the Nexus One. I was genuinely curious and willing to experiment with it. I gave it to my eight year old daughter and went back to the iPhone because it works better for me. Just like it will work for all the T-Mobile and Verizon and millions of people across the global market, soon. I use technology as a tool to advance my interests. I don’t allow technology to define or consume me.

    I read the heat in your words. The anger is palpable. But, calm down and do the research (or, live your life in ignorance, it’s only your choice). Google is an incredibly inefficient organization. However, Apple defines efficiency – and, that is reflected in their rapidly growing bottom-line. Numbers don’t lie. Apple makes mistakes. That’s okay because they don’t repeat them.

    Few stories are written about Android devices that don’t offer a comparison to the iPhone. Everything Android does advances the cause of the iPhone. And, the best part is that the iPhone and iPod has inspired millions of new customers to expand their inventory of Apple products to include desktops, laptops and now the iPad – which is changing EVERYTHING.

    Let’s be patient. Look for the numbers to shift once the AT&T manacles are removed. Just the numbers. Simply the facts.

    Meanwhile, either own Apple stock or continue to be owned by the very shadowy man androids think they are smarter than.


  3. Avatar August 4th, 2010 at 6:36 pm Dr. Anthony Mari Says:

    I love my iPhone.

  4. Avatar August 4th, 2010 at 7:29 pm Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    And, well you should, my vision-sharing friend.


  5. Avatar August 5th, 2010 at 8:38 am website copywriter Says:

    Then why Apple is not working on to this matter? This is a matter of intellectual property issues. If other company tried to copy ideas from Apple, then it is a big slap on their face. Best thing that Apple can is to make another upgrade.

  6. Avatar August 5th, 2010 at 10:57 am Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    Given Apple’s development and deployment history, they likely will continue to upgrade products that force everyone else to follow.

    Along the way, everyone else’s efforts are a form of marketing and survey. The world continues to prove Jobs’ is right.


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