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Obama made some reasonably good points last night over the course of his State of the Union Address. I was, admittedly,  disappointed he talked around (as opposed to about) issues related to Education. And, I’ll expound on that later. My Brother, Greg, is the CEO at WashingtonScholarship Fund. That comes to an end, soon. And, like many things related to education, and government, in this country, that’s too bad.

Meanwhile, Joanne mentioned that I was: “…hard to get along with lately”.

I, somehow, heard: “My nipples are hard”.

That actually initiated something of an argument.

And, I suppose I made her point.

And, I missed a lot of the State of the Union Address.

And, I have so much to learn.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

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“and, communication”

  1. Avatar January 28th, 2010 at 8:13 am nicholas johnson Says:

    For 15 minutes, I tried to watch the address. I’m not quite sure why the audience insists on interrupting the President with applause every 20 seconds. He could hardly finish a thought, and they were acting like he just answered some unanswerable question.

    So, I’ll watch the edited version today, no applause, no bias, just content. That’s all I really care about – the content. The grandstanding is unnecessary and, I’d venture, affected not only me.

  2. Avatar January 28th, 2010 at 10:09 am Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    Hey Nicholas.

    That is a time-honored, passive aggression, tradition.

    It’s how different members of the House or Senate evidence their support in a public way that is, essentially, non-confrontational. Also, there is safety in numbers. Before television, this is how Members of the House and Senate demonstrated their level of support to on-lookers. And, the President could adjust his presentation if he felt it was not going well.

    Now that these addresses are televised, the President is on display and constituents (and the world) can witness, first-hand, that dynamic. And, it’s unusual for the President to move off of his teleprompter.

    One vital element to last nights speech was open derision. There were several points when Members laughed. This is a significant sign of no respect. You saw that reflected on Obama’s face as well. The laughter is also a tradition (it’s the opposite of applause). But, it carries much more dire implications.

    You might have noticed that the Speaker of the House (seated off Obama’s left shoulder was making eye-contact with those seated. Whereas the Vice President never did. This was a signal that the Oval Office is not pleased with deals on the floor. The Speaker was sending messages to key people on the floor.

    It’s a fascinating dynamic, and the foundation for real politicking.


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