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A lot of people read this Blog daily. More and more readers find themselves outside of the United States. And, this particular post focuses on two sports that are not broadly followed globally – American football and baseball. Another element takes into consideration the emerging reality that printed media is forgoing sports.

By the time most of you read this post on Monday (I’m writing it on Sunday and relishing the potential of uncertainty), the story will have been told, and history will be what it is.

So, unless you happened to be watching NFL football yesterday, most people around the world may never hear about this story; and, it could well be doomed as a footnote. But, it will always be a terrific example of great character, culture and credentials.

The story coming out of  Metaire, Louisiana (although it will play-out in Carolina this afternoon) isn’t particularly big – other than, perhaps, it’s ramifications in terms of how we can define character in our culture – oh, and from a sports history stand point.

Heading into (tomorrow’s) game against the Carolina Panthers, after a terrific season with his hearty and ferocious crew of New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees has completed 363 of 514 passes this season for 4,388 yards – a completion percentage of 70.6. That is, hands-down, the best completion percentage recorded in NFL history.

It’s significant if you can appreciate effort and skill behind such an accomplishment – and, if you care about football.

Look… The reason I like this particular moment in history is because Brees says he hopes to approach his chance to keep the NFL’s completion percentage record much like Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams did  hitting .400 back in 1941.

I’m, admittedly still bothered by what happened last week when the Indianapolis Colts pulled Peyton manning in the 3rd Quarter. You can read about that here: winning Matters to good Sports.

NOTE: These records are cast in stone once the season is completed. So, Brees knows he could comfortably set a new record by sitting out. But, the better story is that he apparently wants to play as much as head coach Sean Payton will let him. So… For context, and as of the writing of this post, the official NFL passing completion percentage record is currently 70.55 percent, set by Cincinnati’s Ken Anderson in 1982. I was in college at Radford University then, and I recall my Dad calling me after a football game just to talk about what a leader Anderson was. “He seems to set an example as much as records”, said my Dad.

The 13-2 Saints have clinched the NFC’s top seed, so their starters may not play much at Carolina on Sunday. This is another business decision that I understand, but can’t comprehend.

The example here is Brees’ competitive spirit. But, you need to know that Brees wears No. 9 in honor of Ted Williams, who could have hit .400 by sitting out his last game in 1941. But, Williams played instead, and wound up hitting .406.

By the way… Aside from being one of the finest Baseball players in American history, and a Naval Aviator during world War II and the Korean Conflict (he was John Glenn’s Wingman), Williams was an avid sport fisherman. He hosted a television show about fishing and was inducted into the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame. Renowned NBC sportscaster Bob Costas, reflecting on Williams unparalleled success as ball player, wingman, and fisherman, once asked Williams if he realized he was in real life the type of American hero John Wayne sought to portray in his movies.

Replied Williams, “Yeah, I know.”

UPDATE: Brees sat out of the game Sunday and opted for some meaningless media soundbites. So, it’s my opinion that he’ll need to doff any jersey with Number nine (9) on it. Or, at least stop comparing himself to Ted Williams in that context.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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