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what is changing My mind: Part III


jesus strategyBy the way… I lifted some of my thinking from Daniel Florien (he apparently suffered unreasonable faith). There are some things that will never be new – and, this includes man’s evolutionary questioning of a higher power, and his ability to relate to any, or all, of it.

I studied science with an open-mind. I affirmed my belief in an old earth, and the validity of evolution. This required a process of removing layer after layer of propaganda that blinds Christians and makes them more part of the problem that an actual solution. Stubbornness, unreasonableness and defensive nature are not attractive, and those characteristics ironically weaken their testimony. I refuse to ignore dinosaur fossils and carbon dating. Satan did not create carbon dating; scientists armed with God given discernment created carbon dating. In fact, consider my prior post How Long is Seven Days where my daughter Haley Anne and I discuss this very thing around her home schooling.

I looked for evidence for many of the claims I thought I believed, and realized that there was no reputable evidence at all. Written things should be based on physical proof as backup – otherwise written testimony remains subjective and open to interpretation (that is what happens with the Bible). For example, I could believe Jesus was resurrected, or that Moses parted the Red Sea, but there was no evidence outside oral stories recorded by unknown biased authors many decades (or, as with Moses, many centuries) after the fact.

I learned to think critically and, with much trepidation, finally applied it to my views of religion. After a few years of struggling, I finally accepted that evangelical Christianity was a form of belief – almost a sect, if not a cult.

I learned about probability. Things I thought could not happen without divine intervention ended up being within the laws of probability. Coincidence does exist. God created life to reflect the beautiful game of soccer. That ball bounces in many crazy ways. A lot can happen. We just need to be fit and ready.

So… I feel great about there being a single God that may not have a singular focus on me. I am confident He gave me discernment, and will judge me best by the way I use and leverage it.

I genuinely like the idea of Jesus walking the earth as a historical Change Agent. He set a standard for mankind, and his influence reverbrates through all cultures and societies more and more each day.

I just don’t know for sure that Christ rose from the dead and closed the deal for mankind. Today I am unwilling to simply drop into a three-point-stance over the Bible. Readers of this Blog know that my thinking is that “leap of faith” might be the “easy button”. I am certainly open-minded (that is crucial for the Heterodox). I just don’t feel it yet. For the moment, God has me touting the position that striding purposefully through life evidencing Christ-like virtu, while not being certain there is a heavenly reward takes more courage than being a chest-thumping Christian that runs the risk of Hypocrisy.

Assuming your interest, here are some other Blog posts that I have put some thought into the last few years that generally support my thinking, and offer additional context and perspective:

Christian Ambiguity, and Christian Ambiguity: Part II.

It’s not about what you want to hear; it’s what you need to know.

God knows I really care.

By the way… Watch this video (I am NOT making fun of the Jesus element; this is merely for perspective):

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out….”

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

6 Comments to

“what is changing My mind: Part III”

  1. Avatar June 3rd, 2009 at 2:37 pm Nick Says:

    I am enjoying these mind-changing posts very much. As a questioner of religious logic myself, I’ve been told for far too long, “Its just a matter of faith, Nick! Our mortal minds could never understand it!” It seems you are putting into words what my mind has struggled to verbalize in the past.

    Time twists facts. Why can’t the zealots admit this? Did Moses part the Red Sea? How should I know? The bible says he did, so he did? What if he was crossing the Reed Sea, near the Red Sea? What if he was simply walking around the Red Sea when a huge storm came up? Maybe he and his people took appropriate shelter, but the advancing army did not. Maybe the army was wiped into the sea by a tidal wave, or a tornado, or some other natural phenomenon. Why does the story have to be so improbable? Just as the size of the catfish grows by the time I arrive back to the shore, so the facts and events grow and mutate after a couple thousand years.

    In my humble opinion, the Bible would be more important in my life, if it contained actual events instead of elaborate stories. Or maybe its fine the way it is.

  2. Avatar June 4th, 2009 at 12:24 pm Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    Christians will take the position that events in the Bible occurred. Even our “Old Testament Brothers” might point to Moses for relief while trying to make a point.

    But, I take my inspiration from the Bible as a terrific source of relevant metaphors, parables and other stories that teach us terrific, often dramatic, life lessons. Many challenges faced by men span centuries, and are oft repeated.

    But, I feel that God (certainly a belief that there is a God; and, He is all powerful) does not require the Christ element. Only Christians do. And, we need to give them their bones having come up with a brilliant strategy for offering the perfect golden ticket.


  3. Avatar June 7th, 2009 at 3:29 pm John C Says:


    Forgive my candor, but you cant “lift” anything from Daniel’s Unreasonable Faith forum pertaining to…faith. One can only detract from faith, from belief. While I appreciate the forum folks, they be in the proverbial “dark” regarding the Light.

    Faith, foolish as it “appears” (Jesus said not to trust the realm of appearances) is the gateway to divine discovery, revelation, adventure. Keeping in mind childlike wonder and the fairy tales (we’re in the villian part right now in between the once upon a time and the happily ever after) will ground you in hope and expectation, which portend more to matters of life than ubelief and “all grownupness” ever could.

    The admonishment to “become as little children” if we want to enter into this kingdom of heaven in the here and now is a progressive unlearning in many ways, an innocence of mind and attitude, a lowliness, a trusting.

    I bless your journey my friend, for He is faithful if we will only…believe.

    John C

  4. Avatar June 7th, 2009 at 4:20 pm Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    Hey John.

    I value the candor.

    And, the reparte validates all of our efforts.

    Daniel questions. Its that and related efforts that help us all come to informed decisions. That is, in my view, the foundation for light and truth.


  5. Avatar June 7th, 2009 at 5:11 pm John C Says:


    Thx my friend. Imho I dont see Daniel and his followers as “questioners” as you put it. If you read what he and his say, its really rather a refuting, not a questioning since questioning leaves itself open for further light, change of position, etc. They do not seem to be open at all, only refuting, do you see that?

    Anyway, I read Hebrews 11 & 12 this morning, a very mystical book (who is the Author of Hebrews? ha) and saw many, many wonders and deeper truth’s in it. If you get around to “hearing” it, let me know your insightful thoughts, what the deep parts in Brian heard in those ancient and mysterious words.

    Great grace to you and yours my friend, JC

  6. Avatar June 8th, 2009 at 11:30 am Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    It occurs to me that Daniel and company spend a lot of time thinking about faith, in general, and efforts to thwart or otherwise disprove it’s foundation. That means it’s in their head, and something is working on their hearts.

    It has always struck me a flat-out silly to argue against a mighty God with the very earth and stars and our minds as evidence.

    Meanwhile, I will go and take a look at Hebrews. Is there a particular section I should focus on?


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