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what is changing My mind: Part II


I realized one day that God can be separate from religion.

I took the position of thinking critically. Being a critical thinker is foundational to Heterodox. As many of you know, my Mom taught me to “question everything and accept nothing” – until my gut told me the truth.

I often find myself pondering:

“what would Jefferson posit?” and, “what would God have me do?”

I asked hard and carefully thought out questions and grew weary of the final answers being:

“it’s a mystery”, or, “it doesn’t to have make sense to me either, it’s what the Bible says”.

Or, worse for me:

“just read the Bible”.

Please understand (and , you have seen this on this Blog often enough), reader, that my Mom, for example, was never one to say:

“just because I tell you too”, or, “I know best, I am an adult”.

Those arguments, just like the aforementioned default Bible responses would be born of ignorance – and, possibly fear.

Mom taught me to be bold and fearless, and to trust light and truth.

I researched the history and authorship of the Bible (still working on this) – but, from a carefully considered secular perspective. After I understood the messy and controversial history of the Bible, and saw all the contradictions, I could not believe in inspiration much less infallibility; and, any faith I might have had in religion crashed down around me like a ton of improperly mortared bricks.

I began to trust God more, and the ignorance of people (blinded by unreasonable faith) less, as I came to understand their lack of discernment (perhaps His greatest gift to us).

And, yes, reader, there is more yet to come – and, it’s going to be a real barnstormer.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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