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Soaring with the Hawks



It’s safe to say that anyone that knows me, or follows what I do, is aware that I coach my daughter Haley Anne in soccer.

Haley Anne is a formidable Defender and a Captain of her team – The Fusion Shockers. She is only twelve, but I have her (and a handful of her teammates) playing up at the U14 level – and, her team is a consistent winner (despite their coach).

That’s just background, and an opportunity to brag on my daughter who happens to be a beacon amongst her friends and teammates – but, also a bright light in my own life.

About a two weeks ago Haley Anne asked me if we could go to a Hawks (professional basketball) game. Before I answered, I had to pause, because those tickets are the hot commodity in Atlanta right now with the Hawks in the NBA playoffs. But, I only had to make one call into management to learn that that they could not be more delighted to comp me four tickets for last nights game at Phillips Arena. The Hawks were even at two games each with the Miami Heat, so the game was pivotal, and excitement is running high in town.

The stage was set.

I let Joanne know we were in motion. Haley Anne’s BFF is Emily Dwane, who happens to live down the street from us (and, is also a Shocker). We emailed her Dad, Jim, a President of an AIG business unit (that made money last year) and happens to share my passion and commitment to running, asking them to join us. Jim was traveling, but immediately agreed to catch an early flight home and share in the father/ daughter adventure. I arranged for a limousine and gave the thumbs up for a trip to the hair dresser (is that what they still call places that cut hair?) and nail salon.

Joanne nixed the limousine. And, I agreed with her (later).

Haley Anne looked great with her new hair cut. But, we got into a firefight over what she was going to wear to the game. I thought she should consider something a bit upscale. She wanted to wear sophies (come on… I won’t even let them wear that kind of thing to soccer practice). She even elicited support from her mother against me. And, that was a first. However, Joanne sided with me, and Haley wore trendy jean shorts with holes in them.

I was so proud; and, Haley Anne is not traumatized by my lack of fashion sense, and destined for a life of prostitution and misery.

haley-anne-and-daddy-at-hawksThe game, and the evening in general, was an unqualified run away success.

The Hawks easily defeated the Heat 106 to 81. Along the way we got to explore Phillips Arena as I was flagged down by a variety business leaders and luminaries. We ate some bad food. Haley Anne let me have my picture taken with her. During the game she caught me looking at her and she gave me a sweet smile and a little wave.

Daddy heaven. My daughter was happy. 

When we got home just after 11:30pm, I asked her what she thought of the experience.


Was her response; and, I got a really big hug.

Great day.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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