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2012 and the World goes Round



2012 is apparently the year numerous cultures have concluded that the world (as we know it) comes to an end. 1/

Cool. I like change.

But, here is an example that might be fairly easy to track that won’t involve annoying distractions such as volcancos, comets, earthquakes, blinding lights and sepulchural voices…

According to a Nemertes Study, 2012 is, with a certain degree of certainty, when demand for internet band-width could exceed capacity.

Access, and means to the World Wide Webb, has been getting steadily cheaper.

That will change if the people at Nemertes are right.

In Thomas Friedman’s “It’s a Flat World After All” we learn the simple truth that:

”The playing field is being leveled.”

A liberal Friedman Refresher if you will (not exactly a quote – but, useful in making my point):

Fiber optics enabled the internet to reach every corner of the globe. But, now it becomes a shrinking commodity. The wealthy and powerful will have access to high speeds and relevant content. The rest will suffer with (gasp!) dial-up.

Or, someone comes up with a better solution.

I will do it if no one else volunteers by, say, May 2011.

I am listening to “If Today Was Your Last Day” by Nickleback.


Chad Kroeger pretending to look like Brian Cork.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ This includes Geophysical, Cosmological and Metaphysical speculation. But, we know for certain that this is a Leap Year (so, watch out!).

Special note of limited interest (or not):

2012 is going be the title of a movie due some time this year (2009).

The studio released a teaser trailer for 2012 that showed a tsunami coming over the Himalayas and interlaced a message about the world’s governments not preparing its population for the end of the world. The trailer ended with a message to viewers to “find out the truth” by searching on Google for “2012”. The Guardian criticized the marketing approach as “deeply flawed” since the film was not mentioned among the first few search engine results. The studio also launched a viral website published by the fictional organization Institute for Human Continuity where visitors could register for a lottery number to be part of a small population that would be rescued from global destruction.

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“2012 and the World goes Round”

  1. Avatar January 11th, 2009 at 2:02 pm ggw_bach Says:

    2012 is a big meme at the moment. At the very least it gets people to take a look at their own lives, and what they are trying to achieve. If you knew you only had 4 years on this planet, would you re-organise your priorities? I think many would.

    acts as a goad to change, even if nothing eventuates from it.

    and yeah, some very interesting 2012-themed films coming out soon. David Wilcock’s Convergence is one to watch out for.

    plus a Google Video search on 2012 will turn up some very good results.

  2. Avatar January 11th, 2009 at 2:43 pm Conspirama Says:

    2012 and the World goes Round « The Unsinkable Brian Cork…

    The studio released a teaser trailer for 2012 that showed a tsunami coming over the Himalayas and interlaced a message about the world’s governments not preparing its population for the end of the world. The trailer ended with a message ……

  3. Avatar January 11th, 2009 at 4:22 pm Brian Patrick Cork Says:


    Google is putting a lot of effort into video and indexing searches.

    Where video meets the internet is a whole new frontier of opportunity.

    Take a look at

    Thanks for checking in.


  4. Avatar January 19th, 2009 at 5:04 am concerned citizen Says:

    Check out the website for business and technology books, including a
    small, but interesting book, by Aronica and Ramdoo, “The World is Flat? A Critical Analysis of Thomas Friedman’s New York Times Bestseller,” which offers a counterperspective to Friedman’s theory on globalization.

    Interestingly enough, the book written about two years back, discusses in the following chapters,
    “Debt and Financialization of America”
    “America”s Former Middle Class”
    “A Paradigm Shift for America” with prescriptions for the future

    the debt ridden American society, deregulated financial institutions, mortgage crisis and other related issues, with clear pointers to the economic crisis gripping US today. For more information regarding the same, check this out:

    This is a small book compared to the 600 page tome by Friedman, and aimed at the common man and students alike.

    “Globalization is the greatest reorganization of the world since the Industrial Revolution,” says Aronica. Aronica and Ramdoo conclude by listing over twenty action items that point the way forward, and they provide a comprehensive, yet concise, framework for understanding the critical issues of globalization.

    You may want to see
    and watch
    for an interesting counterperspective on Friedman’s
    “The World is Flat”.

    Also a really interesting 6 min wake-up call: Shift Happens!

    There is also a companion book listed: Extreme Competition: Innovation and the Great 21st Century Business Reformation

  5. Avatar January 19th, 2009 at 11:58 am Brian Patrick Cork Says:

    Thank you Citizen.

    These links and your thoughts as a frame work are a terrific companion to this chain of thought.


  6. Avatar October 24th, 2009 at 9:56 am singing to the end with the Queen of spain « The Unsinkable brian cork Says:

    […] Queen, Spain, Span, The Prudent Society of Optimistic Gentlemen | by Brian Patrick Cork The 2012 theme is gathering momentum in many circles. We’ve certainly discussed, well, referred, to that […]

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