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Three things already happened today that bring their own perspective:

1.  My body weight is teetering at 160 lbs. This is significant because, it is, essentially, my “fighting” and optimum racing weight.  I did pullups and dips this morning.  The drop in weight is telling because I was at 32 reps on the first set when I stopped bothering to count. Most of my clothes are baggy upon my frame. But, I like that. Loads of self-satisfaction abounds.

2.  On my way back from Starbucks (they are now offering a Gold Card and 10% off my type of drinks), I turned up Redd Road and was confronted with a family (small herd?, group?) of deer crossing the road.  The coolest part may have been their nonchalance.  There was no rush and bounding over slippery pavement.  I pulled my 1991 Porsche Targa (I love tapping that in) up slowly and watched them pass.  I suppose it wasn’t necessarily surreal as much as it was peaceful.  It’s another thing that makes living in Alpharetta interesting – that unique blend of high-tech entrepreneurial community, nestled in horse country.  I understand it’s only a matter of time before some frustrated redneck blows one or all of them out of a field.  But, for that moment, it was me, my cool car, those deer, and community.

3.  When I got home, prepared to share my road story, and the bluebery scones I brought with me as a surprise, I found that I had walked into a “situation”.  Joanne and Emma Jo were in the bathroom working on Emma Jo’s hair in preparation for a looming late afternoon Birthday party for a school mate. I offered a hearty:

“who wants a surprise”

…while simultaneously noting that Emma Jo was a tad sullen and Joanne was clearly upset.  My training kicked in, and, I was, admittedly, carefully considering my escape.

Things were happening quickly.

Haley Anne swoops down from her sanctuary of angst and pre-teenage [stuff] and grabs her scone with whispered “thanks”, and leaves a trail of crumbs around the counter.  Joanne comes out of the bathroom demanding my immediate attention and focus (what?) with a story of how, in my absence, after Emma Jo’s bath, she had found a scrap of paper on the floor in Emma Jo’s room.  On that paper was a hastily scrawled message that ominously advised any reader with the heart stopping words:

“I don’t like Mommy”.

Apparently, yesterday, while in the midst of a play date with Sarah Dieffenderfer (a U7 Power teammate), Joanne had the audacity to forbid a fourth costume change involving Tinkerbell and a wide variety of other (naturally) Princess-oriented costumes.  Thus, the heated demonstration of written protest.  By Joanne’s account, Emma Jo was mortified with the discovery and snatched the volatile scrap from Joanne’s nerveless hand.  Although heart-broken (I am surrounded by an emotional lot), Joanne made the decision to quietly exit Emma Jo’s room and initiate house cleanning (Joanne makes this both an art and clearly a calling). However, Emma Jo met her in the bathroom (again) and presented, with trembling little hands, to match a trmbling lip, Joanne with yet another scrap of paper with the (this time) neatly printed (words “I do like Mommy” – promptly bursting into tears and ending with meaningful hugs.

Nothing short of epic; this turn of events.

So…  Now they are off together for a day of shopping (possibly lunch) and preparation for the party.

Haley Anne has her buddy Emily over.  So, I am left to Blog, and be on standby to chauffeur them to a movie if the fancy hits them.

If your eyes are glazing over having read this Blog post, that’s okay.  Because it’s all life and stuff.

Tomorrow I “Rescue the Beauty”; inspire considered change within (and, throughout) the business community; and, likely run.

By the way…  According to the news, Barack Obama, is, indeed, close to naming Hilary (and Bill) Clinton Secretary of State. /1

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ See my prior Blog Post: Hail to the Chief”.

Brian also has a business Blog that fascinates world leaders and decision-makers alike (but, few others).  It can be viewed and relished at:


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