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DJIA going to 8400


I have been hinting in prior Blog posts that the DJIA is heading for 8400. /1

This is about where it was seven years ago before a great bull run. 

So, maybe this means we have an opportunity before us. 

Here is what I am thinking…

Oddly, oil is dropping – which means the US dollar gets stronger.  Ironically, this means foreign currencies get depressed – which in turn make it difficult for us to borrow from world banks to float the “Rescue Plan (aka Bailout)”.  NOTE:  It looks to me like the Fed, through Fannie Mae) wants to buy bad debt from the banks (with other people’s money), and then let Fannie Mae start with a clean sheet. So, when property values go up, Fannie Mae (the government benefits.  

Ha!  How contrived.  But, also rather slick.

But, our foreign allies don’t care for the notion of us borrowing from them to float bad paper (the nerve).

Never mind.

Meanwhile, both McCain and Obama seem to like the idea of reinitializing (my word for the process) mortgages.  They both brought it up during their debate [link] last night.  So, they are setting the stage for this.

This means we can literally set the clock back and find the DJIA and mortgages valued at 2001 levels.

Fascinating.  Especially if you can appreciate the jaw-dropping manipulation that is afoot.

Meanwhile…  Anaylsts (and, yes, Wall Street) have been quietly short-selling the market (seriously).  This means they will drive the market north as the dust settles.

And, it will.

There be opportunity for the survivors.

Obviously, I have over-simplified every thing here.  But, you can bet you will be reading more later.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ See “Apple Chunks”.

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