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We need a good recession


Let’s take the position that a recession in our national economy is potentially a good thing.


Recessions are typically preceeded by “bubbles”. This can be defined as unusual activity that, in the past ten years for example, has included “high tech”, “stock market” and “real estate” as catalysts.

It occurs to me that once a bubble bursts, the fallout has the greatest impact on people that did not think the bubbles and events through particularly well. This means they were not mindful of historic economic trends and best business practices – certainly common sense.globe-shot2.jpg

Obvious examples include… Taking stock tips from golf buddies that resulted in buying shares behind analysts and buying a house that you probably could not afford (over a sustained period) knowing interest rates will climb – just begging for a butt-kicking.

Possible good news if you are able to learn by mistakes…

Most stocks will go back to a previous high. So, watch for “falling stock brokers” as an indicator to buy a stock that is cheap in the short term. When houses glut the market they become opportunities for rental properties where you can house the previously mentioned misinformed that might exist to facilitate your own wealth building objectives (ironically, this is being part of the solution).

Perhaps this is a good example of the law of natural selection. My Granddad said that “when stock brokers hurl themselves out of windows it means there is a buying opportunity available”.

When someone loses big, somebody else is winning.

This is a harsh view. But, it is practical.

In summary, the best news that might sustain your DNA? The worse mistake you can make is the one you repeat.

Good luck – or, thank you.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


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