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Haley Anne and Emma Jo in New York City


Joanne and I took our daughters Haley Anne and Emma Jo to New York City.

We want them to be exposed to the city and all of its culture and wonders.

It was an incredible trip as the ladies learned about the city’s history, architecture, peoples, art and culture. They met luminaries – to include a few politicians, business leaders, and sports figures.

On the way home Monday night (Tuesday morning actually), Emma Jo murmurs from the back seat that she wants to move to New York City. I consider this and a flood of memories from the long weekend flash through my head. I realize that, for Emma Jo, New York is about being carried about the city in Daddy’s arms as he tells her stories (I am not form NYC, she just likes to hear me tell stories) about his own childhood and what is happening in the city that day. New York is also where we get to hang out with Ms. Audra (her God Mother) and that family; Rickshaws powered by exuberant foreign men that call her “beautiful princess”; magical carriage rides through Central Park with (smelly) ponies and colorful plumes; Limousine rides to meet men that call Daddy sir; American Girl Place; and, “Make Your Own Barbie” at FAO Schwarz toy store where the staff greets you with trumpets and a standing ovation.

So, I asked her what the best part of New York is/ was… “Daddy talking to Mr. Rob (her God Father) and giving the man (homeless fellow) his sandwich” is all I can get out of her.

For Haley Anne it was different. On the way home (and most of the trip back on the plane as well as the car) she was very quiet and thoughtful. She loved the special attention we get in the city. At 11 she understands what is happening and is really starting to understand the historical significance of New York, the VIP treatment – and, of course, shopping. She knows the Waldorf Astoria like it is her second home. But, while getting out of our limousine late Sunday morning on the way to breakfast, she received a hard dose of reality when she had to pull up short of stepping on a fellow sleeping on an air vent on the side walk. She had never seen any thing like that. It affected her deeply. She held my hand tightly most of the day and leaned into me as she became more aware of the homeless and their plight (even in upscale Manhattan). She wanted to empty her purse and kept urging me to give them money. I did as instructed each time until we were out of bills and change. Her little friend Tori observed that there just isn’t enough money or help for all of them.

As we put Haley Anne and Emma Jo to bed that early Tuesday morning Haley Anne pulled me close, hugging me tight, and asked me – “Daddy what are we going to do”?

My little girl is fixin‘ to consider a cause. I love being a Dad.More later.

Peace To My Brothers and Sister.

Brian Patrick Cork

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