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emma jo bakes a Cake


emma jo's cakemy eleven year old Emma Jo baked this (VERY) one-of-a-kind chocolate cake with her Mom today.

she is not only brilliant and beautiful, she talented and creative.

I love being a Dad.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


Lifting UP Izzy Penston


Penston Home Access Project -

if you’d like to contribute to our home modification fund please visit: meanwhile, here’s a video introducing us and some of the challenges that Izzy and her family are facing:

Brian Patrick Cork:

the plight of the Penston family was shared with me by the inestimable Emily Capps.

as most of you know I have two beautiful daughters of my own. my heart is breaking for the Penston family. however, I am inspired by Izzy’s courage and the family’s grace. I’ve made a small donation for this effort and I hope you will join me.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


joanne reads like poetry


are poems meant to be an opus?

life plays-out like an opus.

can change always be good? its unavoidable. more so change, hopefully, good.

I’m wondering how poetry can fit into the evolution of life.

what is the hell is “poetic justice”? that’s a bit of random thinking. however, it just struck me as I was preparing to stop tapping and launch this post. so, I’m exploring that.

all that said, the point of this post is founded with:

“The days will continue to flee, and we shall want for their passing with each missed opportunity”.

I’m listening to Fall At Your Feet (again) by Crowded House. But also, You’ll Never Walk Alone for Liverpool FC! life is such a beautiful game, poetry adds beauty and balance to it. and, it turns out that Soccer (proper football) is referred to globally as “the beautiful game”. and, a great moment in soccer is more often referred to as, “poetic”.

you may be wondering what this has to do with Joanne, at least from a post title perspective. the answer is specifically nothing and everything. it all depends on how you read it, or say it, or interpret it.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork


Love and Life are not always EASY just simple



my life is taking some quirky twists-and-turns. simple things are not always easy.

I get up A LOT earlier than everyone else in my household. typically around 430am.

I text all three of my girls with something like, “good morning! I love you all. have a great day” at roughly 6:15am when they are all rousing. but, I am always ignored.

my Mom used to say, and almost every day, “tell everyone that you love all about it every day. demonstrate it. you never know what your last impression will be.”

and, I miss her every day.

you can miss a lot of things when you don’t have them. so, never take anything for granted. nothing.

I was at Olde Blind Dog last night with Marc Kutter, catching up, swapping war stories, and investigating opportunities. I think he and I are destined to make really cool stuff happen. I talk a lot. but, one of the little bon mots I shared with him (I’m convinced it was relevant to the flowing stream-of-conscienciousness) was a brief story about where I was less than a year before I first met Joanne.

it was 1988 and I was still in Los Angeles working on my MBA and in the midst of rehabbing my knee after a disastrous training accident while I was pretending to be a professional triathlete. I had lost all of my sponsors, had no medical benefits, and was living out of my car with my white retriever Alex. I had taken David Sugarman’s guidance and started working as a securities broker. it was a long hard struggle (mostly the knee part, selling stuff came easy), however I was convinced my next steps would eventually pay-off. I was still using commercial airlines, hitch-hiked to work sometimes, and saved every penny. every now and then I pitched a tent in my buddy Tom’s back yard, and would use his hose for drinking and washing (both me and Alex, actually). his neighbors hated me.

but, I have never shied away from fist-bumping a homeless person. in fact, I think the first fist-bump I ever received was from Otis, the crazy dude on the Promenade in Santa Monica.

things, generally, got better from there. but, they are more often than not, always interesting. and, I am so happy to have mates like Marc around. and the world spins around my girls mush like the globe upon it’s sturdy axis. and, I’ll keep telling everyone that I love, it’s from my heart. and, I’m grateful.

and, optimistic.

peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

brian patrick cork

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