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I Lied. I am a Felon


I admit it… I Lied. So, Now I am a Felon (maybe this is a dissertation on irony).

In 2000 I pled guilty to securities fraud for crimes allegedly committed in Colorado.

Sometimes stories related to this matter pop up when you ‘Google’ my name. But, as I tap this post into existence also know that over ten thousand people follow my other blog daily. So, a lot more people are going to know this information about me soon. And, I think that’s a good thing.

For a while I tried to use this period from my life as ‘personal testimony’ to inspire other people. I have always asked that I be judged by the people that surround me today, and by the impact I am having daily in my community.

But, I don’t think I should do that any more because pleading guilty is what made me a liar.

I pled guilty because I thought it would make the problem go away faster. I reasoned (with bad advice from legal counsel) that I should just get the matter over with; I should focus on giving my family peace; and, that I could live with being a felon.

I was wrong.

Being a felon rips at my gut every day. I did not do the things I was accused of. I was the President of a wildly successful company that I started in 1993, that got into trouble – and, I never denied that.  And, I did take full responsibility for what happened. My partners created the problem, and one of them went to prison for it. But, I may have made it worse. I was the one that contacted the authorities. I essentially called-in an ‘air-strike’ on my own company once I realized rules had been broken. I was arrogant thinking I could fix the problem. I raised my hand in public and apologized, saying that I could rally my people and turn things around (it’s what a man of integrity is supposed to do, right?) – and, that was used against me.

By the time the dust was settling we had lost everything. I was almost penniless and exhausted. My family needed me to stop hating myself and fighting everyone. I love my family more than I love my self-image, and I needed to get back to work, and teach my children what a leader does by a completely different example.

Knowing what I do of the world today, I doubt I would have been found guilty. And, today, I can pass any background check.

Is that irony? Or, is that providence?

So, in moments of self-doubt I get a numb feeling in the pit of my stomach… I should have fought to the death. I just gave away my integrity to make things easier.

I deeply regret that action more than anything else.

Pleading guilty makes me a liar. And, that is a definition of irony.

All that said, life has it’s incredible twists-and-turns. In my darkest days, many good men that knew me in life and business rallied to me and gave me opportunities that have emerged into my current career-path. A Christian mentor once told me that, “God would never be pleased with [me] until I forgave myself”. However, I don’t want to forgive myself. That’s what Jesus scarified himself for. I need to remember. And, hold myself more accountable, and to a higher standard. Today, my life experience have proven contiguous and I am uniquely qualified to help the men around me make better decisions. So, each day… Every day… I am faced with a simple focus… To earn the trust and faith of my community. Life is thusly a lens. But, I just want people to “see” me for the man I am. And, most do. So, there is another great example of life’s irony, but also providence and the hope for grace.

Brian Patrick Cork

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“I Lied. I am a Felon”

  1. Avatar April 2nd, 2009 at 12:08 pm JM Says:

    What you were guilty of was trusting the wrong people.


  2. Avatar July 7th, 2009 at 12:59 pm Steve Says:

    I was one of Brian’s investors. He never lied to anyone. He did good work earning a great reputation richly deserved.


  3. Avatar December 29th, 2009 at 2:02 pm Rod R. Says:

    You are a good man Mr. Cork. I get to see what you’ve done with your life every day. Those actions and your transparency speak to your integrity and opportunity to be a great example in our community.

    Lead us.


  4. Avatar August 27th, 2012 at 8:03 am The Unsinkable brian cork™ » Blog Archive » I hope God knows Lance Armstrong is a hero Says:

    […] I won’t pretend, and not for a moment, that I am somehow on-par with Armstrong. What he accomplished as a professional athlete, and as a transformative champion against cancer are unequalled. my own athletic achievement, and what I attempt daily as a Dad, businessman, and youth coach will always be overshadowed by what happened to me in Colorado. […]

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